The Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu was high on entertainment quotient. The episode started with contestants getting shock that there will be a no luxury items this week, despite completing the luxury budget task successfully. Though as a reward, the contestants were awarded 2000 points, the points were later taken away for breaking the house rules. Later, in the show Bigg Boss conducted a competition for choosing a new captain for the house. The task involved a lot of physical stress. Kaushal, Deepthi, Samrat, and Tejaswi, who performed well in the lovers’ task, were nominated for the captaincy task. The task was named Naluguru Monagallu. Also Read - Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Sanjana Anne Gets Eliminated, Nandini Rai Makes First Wild Card Entry to The Reality Show

Each of them was instructed to rescue fellow contestants who have been kidnapped. Kaushal won the task and was elected as a captain in the house. Meanwhile Geetha Madhuri was given a secret task to steal some important belonging of the housemates and to submit them in the post box. If case if she fails to execute the task, she will not given a chance to contest as a captain for the next two weeks. Also Read - Casting Couch: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestant Sanjana Anne Opens up About Her Shocking Experience

Further, while thinking about the upcoming elimination Deepthi broke down in tears. She thought she is being unnecessarily dragged into an issue. Deepthi also learned that that she is being projected badly in Samrat and Tejaswi issue. She went to Babu to talk about the same. Babu Gogineni behaved in a cut-throat manner and revealed that Deepthi behaved wrongly in that particular aspect. She has become emotional and Shyamala came to control her. Later Kaushal told Deepthi what Babu thought about eliminations and when he revealed why, she is shocked. Deepthi tried to clarify with Babu and explained that even if she didn’t comment about Tejaswi, they all did talk about Sunainaa. Because of all this Deepthi broke down in tears and started worrying about her career when she gets out of the Bigg Boss house. Also Read - Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: List of Contestants' Builds Excitement Ahead of The Show