The Tamil action thriller ‘Bogan’ released yesterday (February 2). The movie starring Arvind Swamy, Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles has received positive response for the performances. Though the storyline was average, the act by Swamy and Ravi have been praised by critics. ‘Bogan’ directed by Lakshman revolves around the life of two men who has contradicting nature and lifestyle. Jayam Ravi as Vikram and Arvind Swamy as Adithya have definitely caught attention of the audience with their flawless performance. But apart from the impressive act, let’s check out what the critics have to say about ‘Bogan’. Also Read - Hansika Motwani is The Sexy 'Mermaid' in The Maldives, Check Out Her Stunning Pics

Sify Movies: The film belongs to Arvind Swamy who dominates as Aditya from the beginning to end. His mannerisms, style and casual attitude gives credibility to the character and he seems to be enjoying his role every minute. After Thani Oruvan, Bogan is his career best. Even when Jayam Ravi acts with Arvind Swamy’s soul, the impact of Arvind Swamy can be felt in those scenes. After Romeo Juliet, Director Laxman proves that he is a director with substance and can make good commercial entertainers. His grip over the screenplay and presentation is strongly established in this film. Bogan is his breakthrough film and he is here to stay as a filmmaker. Also Read - Hansika Motwani Finally Breaks Silence on Private Pictures Leak Controversy, Says 'it Was Disheartening'

The News Minute: Tamil films have been inspired from cinema in many languages and director Lakshman’s Bogan is another such film. Jayam Ravi has essayed a cop before, so playing Vikram is a cakewalk for him. But it is clearly Arvind Swami who carries Bogan on his shoulders. Of course the film does have its flaws. Director Lakshman could have worked on a better screenplay. The first 20 minutes of the film is quite flat and it only picks up when Adithya walks into the picture. While Bogan may have a similar premise to Face Off, Arvind Swami and Jayam Ravi have made it an attractive film for the Tamil audience this February. Also Read - Hansika Motwani Confirms Her Phone And Twitter Account Were Hacked After Reports of Private Pictures Being Leaked

The Indian Express: Both Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy have got an equal screen time and, as the film’s positive and negative forces, they complement each other very well. But, it is Arvind Swamy’s character who you are rooting for despite him being the bad guy who kills without compunction. (ALSO READ: Hansika Motwani wants to focus on women-centric films!)

Firstpost: The trailer showed both Ravi and Arvind in a heady exchange of such brashness, but Bogan belongs to Arvind Swamy’s Aditya, undoubtedly. Some good scenes and dialogues show Ravi in top form too but somehow the edge belongs to Arvind Swamy, whose swagger and ease at mouthing those loud lines come off as an applause-worthy surprise to his otherwise ‘good guy’ image — one that changed with Thani Oruvan.

Hindustan Times: Bogan defies logic, but of course, and also seems at a loss as to the direction it ought to take. Must it call itself a crime thriller or a science-fiction or a mere fantasy – a movie where the hero and the villain change places with the ease of a mumbo-jumbo mantra. Swami has always been a good actor, having been introduced to Tami cinema by no less a director than Mani Ratnam in Thalapathi. He went on to amaze us in Roja, Bombay and finally Alaipayuthey. It was a long break after that, and he was seen much later in Thani Oruvan, also with Ravi. Jayam is okay, quite controlled most of the time, but certainly fares poorly when it comes to range.

The New Indian Express: In this game-play, both the lead male actors get to display two shades of characters, each donning contrasting avatars in different phases of the plot. The film which had a promising beginning loses steam as the narration progresses, almost turning into a farce towards the end. The first half is fairly interesting, racy and manages to sustain the suspense and the momentum. In the second half, the screenplay borrowing liberally from ‘Face Off’ goes for a toss.

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