Actor Taapsee Pannu who is known to be witty and who is not afraid to slam anyone who trolls her recently said that she prefers to address social issues and express her opinion through the medium of cinema rather than using other platforms. She told this to news agency IANS. Also Read - Anubhav Sinha Backs Jaya Bachchan Over Drug Probe, Says, 'Make Ravi Kishan Aware of Dirty Bhojpuri Songs'

When further asked if she subscribes to the idea of the film, Tapsee said, “From my school days I have learnt that India is a secular, democratic and republic country where we treat people from every religion with equality. In fact, that is how we lead our life around our close circuit”. Also Read - Taapsee Pannu Supports Rhea Chakraborty After Lakshmi Manchu Writes a Note Demanding 'Justice For Rhea' Against Witch-Hunting in Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case

Talking about what she grew up seeing and how reality turned out to be the other way around of what she was taught, the Pink actor said, “Conflict started when we all grew up seeing a certain hatred is also growing, that we read in newspaper, see among few groups of people… Of course, such issues should be addressed and as an actress, all I can do, is use cinema as a medium to express my opinion.” According to Taapsee, cinema is the best medium to state her views since she is an actor and not an activist. “Since I am an actress and not a social activist, cinema is the best medium for me to state my views. I cannot talk about issues randomly, so I would rather use acting as a tool to reach out to more and more people,” she added. Also Read - Taapsee Pannu Reacts on Kangana Ranaut’s B-Grade Remark, Says ‘My Journey And Hard Work Was Discredited’

Being a Sikh girl who has grown up in an environment of communal harmony, Taapsee said, “I was taught how to pray while visiting Gurdwara, who are the Gurus we have in Sikhism and every other basic things that a Sikh girl should know. However, I was also told that as a human, I am free to celebrate other festivals and mingle with people from other religions. So, I have no conflict in mind to celebrate Christmas, Holi or Eid”.

Taapsee believes that the negativity is over-served in current times where social media and news channels are in the rush to grab eyeballs. Citing an example, she said, “When the Maratha Kranti Morcha started, I was getting calls from my father who lives in Delhi. Since he watched the news channel, he panicked that maybe a violent protest broke out in the whole of Mumbai city. I tried hard to make him understand that this part of the city is fine and I am okay. Such things happen with all of us if we are constantly watching something negative about something. I think when the ratings competition between TV channels will go away and the mass audience will get to watch a balanced view on our society, I think many misconceptions will go away”.

Taapsee is known for films like Pink, Naam Shabana and the short film Nitishastra, which have dealt with issues like moral policing on girls, rape and gender inequality. She will be starring in the film Mulk with Rishi Kapor.

Mulk is a film that touches on an extremely sensitive topic, Islamophobia that is currently being used as a fear mongering tactic by different groups. The film directed by Anubhav Sinha features Taapsee and Rishi Kapoor in lead roles along with Ashutosh Rana, Prateik Babbar, and Manoj Pahwa. Taapsee plays a lawyer in the film and has some hard hitting dialogues that question society’s blame game against one community. While we see very little of it in the trailer, we hear that she has some brilliant monologues that are goosebump-inducing. The film will hit theatres on August 3.