Director Kabir Khan is sure that his film ’83, which is based on India’s unexpected victory in the 1983 cricket world cup, has a lot of elements to entertain the viewers. In his latest interaction with Mumbai Mirror, the director mentioned that one of the biggest things that will impress the audience is the idea that the film is the story of an underdog team where no one believed that they will be able to even make it to semi-finals let alone winning the trophy. Kabir revealed that so much so was the surety of not going ahead in the game that many players had even booked their holiday tickets.Also Read - Ranveer Singh Lifts The World Cup Trophy Recreating The Most Iconic Moment in Kabir Khan's '83

The director said Krishnamachari Srikkanth, who had got married three months before the World Cup tournament began, had booked a trip to New York thinking that the team will be knocked out in the group stage itself. However, they were left with jaw-dropping mouths with their own potential after they cleared the group stage and moved ahead in the game, reaching the semis and then finally beating the unbeatable West Indies team in the game during the finals. Also Read - '83 Director Kabir Khan-Actor Mini Mathur Caution Fans Against 'Love Contagion' Coronavirus on Valentine's Day 2020

Kabir said it was Kapil Dev who filled immense encouragement and motivation in the players’ minds and as they progressed towards the finals, all of them started cancelling their tickets one-by-one. The director was quoted saying, “Srikkanth, along with six other players, was all set to fly out as soon as the group stage ended, confident that India would be knocked out of the contention soon. All seven had booked their tickets from Mumbai to New York via London. In Srikkanth’s words, ‘We will play the World Cup on the way to a holiday in the US.’ Nobody, including the team, believed that we had a chance of making it to the semis, let alone the finals and lift the trophy.” Also Read - '83: Ranveer Singh-Kabir Khan Unveil Pankaj Tripathi's First Look as 'The Chief' PR Man Singh

The kind of demotivated behaviour that team India had carried while entering the tournament was never questioned considering no one had any idea about how the next few days were going to change the history of the country. Kabir added that the Indian cricket team’s world cup win is the ‘greatest underdog story ever’. He said the odds were always against our team and we had won just one match in World Cup history, that too against East Africa. The West Indies team who played the finals against India had never lost a World Cup match before. The director said the film shows the story of unexpected reality and the triumph of the human’s will. He said, “You can replace cricket with kabaddi and it would still hold weight.”

Meanwhile, there’s still uncertainty about when will ’83 hit the screens in the times when most movies are moving to the OTT platforms to match their scheduled release dates. While there were a lot of speculations that the Ranveer Singh starrer too would get a digital release, Reliance group CEO Sibashish Sarkar denied the reports saying ’83 will be the first film to hit the screens whenever theatres re-open.