Actor Aditya Pancholi got interim relief from the arrest after a top actor lodged the case of rape against him. Now, as revealed by a leading daily, the actor didn’t only accuse him of rape but also alleged that Pancholi drugged her and blackmailed her for money at the time when she was just venturing into the film industry. As reported by Mid-day, the complainant’s statement mentioned the details of how Pancholi allegedly raped her and also harassed her sister time and again, sometimes with his friends. The statement also mentions that the actor’s wife, Zarina Wahab was allegedly aware of his wrongdoings but she kept mum and told the complainant that she has no problem with her husband’s behaviour. Here are the allegations made by the accuser in her statement against Pancholi: Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Takes a Dig at Hrithik Roshan After BMC Mayor Calls Her 'Do Takke Ke Log'

1. The complainant has alleged that Pancholi first raped her inside a car on the pretext of dropping her home from a party. She said, “I suspected then that he had spiked my drink. After the party got over, Pancholi said he will drop me home. He stopped it in the middle of Yari road and started getting forcefully physical with me. He also took photographs of, which I wasn’t aware of.” Also Read - Sooraj Pancholi's Mother Zarina Wahab Tested COVID-19 Positive 5 Days Back, Was Put on Oxygen

2. The woman alleged that Pancholi asked her to live with him like a married couple and when she told him that he was his father’s age, he began blackmailing her with the photos he took inside the car the other night. Also Read - Aditya Pancholi Takes a Dig at Kangana Ranaut's 'Padma Shri' Statement in The Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case

3. The complaint mentions that Pancholi kept spiking the woman’s drink and even beat her up once on the road when she went to lodge a complaint against him. “From 2004 to 2006, Pancholi kept me at different locations and established a forceful physical relationship with me by spiking my drinks all the time.”

4. The woman alleged that she had confided in a senior police officer named Bipin Bihari about her situation then. However, no action was taken. The officer is currently at the DG-rank and is posted as the managing director of the Maharashtra State Police Housing and Welfare Corporation.

5. Pancholi’s wife Zarina Wahab allegedly knew about the incidents, however, as the complaint mentioned, she refused to help the actor. “She told me that she felt happy whenever Pancholi was not at home and said there will be peace at home only when he’s not around. She also said that he is a big actor and she wouldn’t like it if someone defamed him. He has no fear because his wife is helping him,” said the complainant.

6. The actor further alleged that she was not the only one whom Pancholi had raped but she was informed by one of her journalist friends that he had also raped a 14-year-old girl who used to work at another famous actor’s house.

7. As mentioned in her statement, Pancholi once came to her house in her absence and beat her sister. She said that when she returned home, she was horrified to see her sister ‘shivering and completely scared’.

8. The actor added that Pancholi started demanding money from her between 2008-2009. She said he asked for Rs 1 crore in lieu of the expenses he did for her. “He asked for Rs 1 crore. In fact, I paid Rs 50 lakh and he stopped troubling us for a bit,” the complainant said.

9. The accuser said that Pancholi started demanding money once he realised that she has become a top actor. She said that he started threatening his family members.

10. Pancholi allegedly sent threatening messages to her sister and brother. He also allegedly kept blackmailing her with her pictures and threatened to destroy her career.

Pancholi’s lawyer has denied all the claims mentioned by the actor in her statement. He told the daily that the case against his client has been filed with mala fide intentions.