After actor Ajay Devgn talked about Tanushree Dutta‘s open letter against him for having rape accused Alok Nath in his next film De De Pyaar De, Tanushree’s sister – Ishita Dutta has spoken out on the same now. The actor who played the character of Ajay’s daughter in Drishyam talked to a news portal and mentioned that her sister’s stance on the entire issue is not going to change her equation with Ajay Devgn. Both Ishita and her husband, actor Vatsal Sheth, share a nice bond with the Devgn family. Ishita said that nothing will change after Tanushree’s open letter. Also Read - List of Bollywood Films to Release With Terrific Trios in 2021-2022

Ishita added in her statement to India Today that she supports Ajay because making changes in the cast of the film and the decisions of reshooting the scenes are not in an actor’s hands. She added that such decisions are made collectively, therefore, ‘they couldn’t have possibly done anything about it.’ Ishita said that her sister is supporting the truth and she understands her letter can land her in a ‘precarious situation.’ She was quoted by the portal saying, “My sister is supporting the truth. Not at all. My equation with Ajay sir is separate and bears no connection with what my sister feels about the situation. I don’t think he will be upset or angry with me for what she has to say. Vatsal and I have a strong equation with him.” Also Read - Ajay Devgn Brings Abhay Deol And Karan Deol Together For Crime Comedy 'Velley'

Earlier, defending himself after the letter came out, Ajay Devgn said that he has always been a supporter of the #MeToo movement but certain decisions are not in his hands. He said, “But when circumstances are beyond me, I don’t see why an attempt is being made to `single’ me out as being insensitive. This is untrue”. Also Read - Tanushree Dutta on Her Weight Loss Journey: I Used To Get Alot of Underhanded Compliments That Would Hurt Me

In her open letter, Tanushree called out the ‘hypocrisy’ of Bollywood and said that many just pretend to be supporting a movement but when it comes to actually do something about it, the ‘heroes emerge as zeroes’. She said that Ajay Devgn had sworn and tweeted about not working with those accused under #MeToo but now, ‘in a surprising and convenient turn of events’, he has worked with rape-accused Alok Nath.