Actor Amitabh Bachchan, on Thursday, sent migrant workers in Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh in 10 buses. The actor has collaborated with the Haji Ali Trust and the Pir Makhdum Trust since March in providing relief to the daily wage workers and migrant labourers in the city. On Thursday, the representatives flagged off 10 buses carrying over 500 migrant workers to their home state. The travellers were also provided with proper food and drinking facilities during the journey.Also Read - Sonu Sood Airlifts 170 Girls Working as Labourers at a Factory in Kerala, Sends Them to Odisha

As per a report in Pune Mirror, over 4500 packets of cooked food are being distributed every day by both the trusts under Bachchan’s funding to the needy. Rajesh Yadav, the Managing Director of AB Corp Ltd, confirmed the news to the daily and said the trusts have been distributing food since March 28 at various places in Mumbai including Arab Gali, Worli Lotus, Haji Ali Dargah, Dharavi, Sion, Antop Hill, and Mahim Dargah among other areas. Also Read - How Sonu Sood Replies to Migrant Workers on Twitter Deserves Whole New Round of Appreciation

Apart from this, the legendary actor has also distributed over 10,000 ration kits to people and 20,000 PPE kits, masks, sanitisers to hospitals, and cops in Mumbai. So far, over 1000 migrant workers have been sent home by the actor’s team.

Meanwhile, actor Sonu Sood‘s efforts as he sends over 2000 migrant workers to their home are being hailed widely. On Friday, the actor arranged for a special aircraft to lift 170 Odia girls from Kerala to their home in Odisha. The girls were working as labourers for stitching and embroidery in Kerala, along with 10 men who were working at a plywood factory. The actor has so far sent people to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra.