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Aryan Khan Case Highlights, Wednesday, Oct 27: No Bail For Aryan, Court Adjourns Hearing to Thursday

Aryan Khan Bail Hearing Highlights, Wednesday, Oct 27: Aryan Khan's lawyer concluded his arguments in Bombay High court by saying that both Aryan and Arbaaz Merchant should be granted bail and they will continue to cooperate with NCB in the investigation. The court will hear the matter on Thursday at 2:30 pm.

Aryan Khan Bail Plea Hearing, October 27, Wednesday: Bombay High Court on Wednesday adjourned the bail hearing of Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, and Munmun Dhamecha to Thursday. Lawyer Amit Desai, who was representing both Aryan and Arbaaz, concluded his arguments for the day by telling the Bombay High Court that the bail doesn't mean his clients will stop cooperating in NCB's investigation of the case. He also argued that there was no medical test conducted on his client, therefore, even the claims of consumption of the drugs cannot be established by the agency. Desai added that at maximum, this is a simple case of 'consumption', neither trafficking nor conspiracy as the NCB had claimed earlier in the court. The Additional Solicitor General, Anil Singh, representing the NCB in the case, will begin the hearing with his arguments on Thursday in the court.

Earlier, the Bombay High Court had adjourned the bail hearing of Bollywood superstar's son on Tuesday in the Mumbai drugs case. "Bail is the rule, jail is exception," said Desai while arguing for Aryan, and Arbaaz in the Bombay High Court on Wednesday. During arguments on Tuesday, former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi argued that Aryan Khan is a young man who should be sent to rehab or de-addiction centres rather than jail. The 23-year-old star kid was arrested on October 3 after a drugs raid party by Narcotics Control Bureau's (NCB) officers in disguise.

Rohatgi also pointed a few important things that WhatsApp chats were exchanged much earlier and these chats might have been exchanged while Aryan Khan was in a country like the USA, where cannabis is legal. Conspiracy is when all twenty (accused) have met before and there is a meeting of minds. "After Aryan and Arbaaz, many others were arrested. Nothing was recovered from Aryan and no medical examination was done to show that he had consumed drugs. Arbaaz had some 6 grams in his shoes and Arbaaz denies it and says it was planted but I am not concerned with that except that he was Aryan's friend," Mukul Rohatgi said.

Rohatgi told the court on Tuesday (October 26) that his client was invited to the party as a special guest. He also mentioned that there was "no case of possession of drugs" against Aryan Khan and that he was arrested wrongly. He said "it was fit case for bail". Rohatgi argued, "Law provides that for small quantities, the maximum punishment is one year of imprisonment. For consumption, there is rehabilitation as per law".

Also, in a major development, two accused persons in the Aryan Khan drug case have secured bail. Manish Rajgarhiya, Avin Sahu was granted bail subject to furnishing bail bonds to the tune of Rs 50,000. The order was given by Special Judge VV Patil, who had earlier rejected the bail plea of Aryan Khan and certain other co-accused. Avin Sahu was found without drugs and there were certain distinguishing features in his and Aryan Khan's cases. Another accused Manish Rajgarhiya was found with 2.4 grams of ganja.

Aryan Khan was arrested on October 3 after an NCB team busted an alleged drugs party on October 2. Aryan Khan's bail plea was rejected by the special court on October 20 in the case following which his judicial custody in the matter got extended till October 30. Aryan approached the Bombay High Court for an urgent bail hearing.

At present, Aryan is lodged at the Arthur Road Jail along with another accused Arbaaz Merchant. Whereas, Munmun Dhamecha is at Byculla women's prison.

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27 Oct, 05:31 pm
Bail Hearing to continue on Thursday | The court will continue to hear the bail application on Thursday. The hearing will begin at 2:30 pm.
27 Oct, 05:23 pm
Why no blood test was done | On behalf of Munmun Dhamecha, one of the accused in the Mumbai Drugs Case, his lawyer tells Bombay High Court that there was no medical test done on her. And if the agency decides to conduct one now, they will not find anything. He further argues that there is no case against her and she has only been arrested on the grounds of suspicion which is not fair. Senior Advocate Deshmukh adds that the allegations are on other accused and it's a straight case of 'copy-pasting' the allegations on her as well.
27 Oct, 05:19 pm
Arrest all the 1300 people on the cruise, says Munmun's lawyer | Munmun Dhamecha's lawyer tells the court that she was invited to the party and she has only been arrested as a 'suspect' in the case. Khan Deshmukh tells the court that if 'suspicion' in the ground of her arrest, then all 1300 people should have been arrested.
27 Oct, 05:17 pm
Munmun Dhamecha's lawyer begins his arguments in the court | Advocate Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh begins arguing for his client Munmun Dhamecha, one of the accused in the case. He argues that there was no recovery made from her during the arrest and there is no case against her. "Personal search was conducted, nothing was found against her (Munmun). The case against me is copy-paste from the other case," he tells the court.
27 Oct, 05:14 pm
Aryan Khan's lawyer concludes his arguments | Advocate Amit Desai concludes his arguments for both Arbaaz Merchant and Aryan Khan. He assures the court that his clients will be available for further investigation as and when the agency requires. "Bail should be granted and we will all be available for the investigation as and when called," he says in his concluding argument in the court.
27 Oct, 04:55 pm
No need for custody | Senior Advocate Amit Desai further argues that granting bail will never hamper NCB's investigation in the matter. "Nobody stops investigation if bail is given. But, what is the need for custody when Punishment is one year?" he asks in the court.
27 Oct, 04:50 pm
Aryan Khan's medical test not done | Amit Desai highlights that 'no medical test' was done by the NCB and therefore, the intention to the consumption of the drugs is also not clear.
27 Oct, 04:49 pm
It's a trap by NCB | Aryan Khan's lawyer calls this case a 'trap by the NCB'. He objects to the agency not conducting a blood test on the accused. "If the NCB officers went there to find people consuming drugs, they can do blood testing of all those. There is no blood test where consumption is proved," says Desai in court.
27 Oct, 04:47 pm
No WhatsApp chats |Senior advocate Amit Desai says that the WhatsApp chats that the NCB argued about don't exist and that the chats that they submitted were dated three months or one month back. "So far as Whatsapp chats are concerned, it is abundantly clear that there were no WhatsApp chats to support the conspiracy theory. As a part of this case, what was argued was WhatsApp chats which was 3 monhs before, one month before etc," he says.
27 Oct, 04:29 pm
Simple case of consumption | This is just the case of personal consumption, neither conspiracy nor trafficking are involved and despite that, the accused have been under custody for over 20 days - Amit Desai to the court
27 Oct, 04:28 pm
Arbaaz Merchant has accepted he had charas | "Till today there is no arrest for conspiracy and we are 22 days in custody because of these issues," says Amit Desai, adding that Arbaaz Merchant has already accepted he had charas. However, this is not a case of 'nothing more than personal consumption.'

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Published Date:October 27, 2021 6:01 PM IST

Updated Date:October 27, 2021 6:01 PM IST