As the producers continue to work on the new set of guidelines to be followed while shooting films and shows in the post-COVID-19 world, there are challenges that need to be addressed sooner than later. One of the major concerns in front of the filmmakers is to think of alternative ways to shoot intimate scenes between the actors. Physical intimacy has to be avoided where it’s not required and even if it’s a necessary part of the story, the producers are willing to make use of the best of the technology to depict it in films without letting the actors actually shoot such scenes. Also Read - No Intimate Scenes in Films From Now on? India And Other Countries to Release New Guidelines For Shooting Post COVID-19 Period

A report in Mid-Day mentioned Siddharth Anand Kumar, Vice-President, films and events, Saregama India, who has decided to try the blocking technique to show intimate scenes in his projects. The producer is planning to shoot a web-series in July and intimacy is a crucial part of the storyline. However, keeping the actors’ safety in the mind, Siddharth is planning to shoot such scenes in advance and then applying the blocking technique to depict the kiss in the final product. He mentioned, “We hope to take the project on floors in July. Since the film revolves around a couple who pose as siblings, some amount of intimacy is crucial to the story.” Also Read - Impact of COVID-19 on Fashion Industry: How Are Weavers And Tailors Surviving? Designer Duo Saaksha And Kinni Reveal All

Another step that he is going to take to ensure less risk is to work with a limited number of people. There are close to 50-70 people present on the sets of any film or show, especially in India. Siddharth has decided to not increase this number by 30. While shooting cleverly is the only option left, cutting down on the intimate scenes during the writing stage is another important step that’s going to help. Siddharth agreed to the same. Also Read - Impact of COVID-19 on Bollywood: When Can Theatres re-open, How Big is Loss And is OTT a Permanent Solution? Experts Speak

He told the daily that the writers working with him will be informed about letting their creative juices flow to do away with the inclusion of intimate scenes between actors in the story. The producer was quoted saying, “Writers develop stories with a certain freedom, (but) in such a scenario, we will be requesting changes at the writing stage. Doing away with an intimate display of romance could be a reality for the near future, keeping the safety of the actor in mind. Eventually, we will find a way to work them out with a clever camera (angle).”

While talking to recently, Siddharth said the producers are working on finding the ‘new normal’ and guess doing away with intimacy in projects is a major part of this normal. What do you think?