When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It’s easier said than done. A 20-minute conversation with actor Chandrachur Singh, however, makes you believe ‘maybe it’s not that hard then’. One might think that after facing a horrible accident that dislocated his shoulder and forced him to stay away from work in the mainstream scene, his comeback would be conscious, something he might have stressed over for long. But, the actor says that he just went with the flow because everything he has endured in life is just a learning curve.Also Read - Hungama 2: Meezaan Jaffrey On 'Shilpa Shetty Ageing Backwards', What's Between Him And Navya Nanda And More | Exclusive

“I have no regrets, no complaints. One has to accept life and do the best one can under the given circumstances. Life throws a learning curve at you. My experiences have made me a better actor. They have been rich. Everything – the good and the bad make you a deeper person… hopefully. I believe that life either makes you bitter or better and I have chosen to become better,” he says. Also Read - This Indian Web-Series Explores Alternate Reality Like How Black Mirror Did | Interview With Creator Natasha Malpani Oswal

Singh understands that neither his industry nor any other profession waits for someone’s comeback. Life goes on but one has to take time, stop and do some self-analysis. He says when he got that time, he decided to fill himself with only positivity and hope. Wasn’t the industry quick in writing him off then? He says, “I think it’s part and parcel of the game. You have your good years and bad years too. You have your responsibilities as well. So you have to look out for a better side, think of a better tomorrow. You should know that there’s something good in stores for you always. I believe that one has to see the good and that has been my experience. One has good friends, one has lived life, earned goodwill – that’s enough.” Also Read - Abhijeet Bhattacharya on Rift With Shah Rukh Khan: I am Not His Voice | Exclusive

One thing that Singh has been grateful for is the kind of love he received from the audience even when he was away. The actor mentions that he kept answering one question all these years wherever he went: ‘Why wasn’t he making a comeback?’. “Even in all these years when I wasn’t acting or doing this much work, I always felt privileged because they (fans) would remember the work that I have done in the past and they would appreciate that, tell me that ‘we want you back’. The fans have been responding with a lot of love, enthusiasm, and encouragement.” he cherishes.

Tell him that most of his films – Maachis, Kya Kehna, and Daag: The Fire show women in the driving seat, and he says he’s thankful for the observation. Singh says these films were not the deliberate choice but now when he looks back, he feels glad that he got associated with stories that addressed relevant issues. “It hasn’t been a deliberate choice. It happened like that. One has been associated with a film where one had topical issues. You get to work in such a fine film like Maachis and then you get an opportunity to work in Tere Mere Sapne. I think these films whether Kya Kehna or even Aarya now, have addressed topics that are relevant to the time. So this is something that has happened on its own. I am very happy to have worked in films that have been ahead of their times,” he says.

The conversation slowly moves to a discussion around each film he featured in and while talking about Kya Kehna, he says, “It was a bold film and definitely ahead of its time. One would think that there was no audience for such a film back then, but I remember people clapping in theatres after the climax scene. Maybe the acceptance was there, but the fear of normalising that acceptance also existed.”

Did Priya (played by Preity Zinta) do the right thing by choosing Ajay (Chandrachur Singh) over Rahul (Saif Ali Khan)? Singh says, “Priya chose the man who stayed with her during her thick and thin. It was what the audience wanted. Yes, there was a lot of discussion around how to conclude the film but eventually, you know…  Priya has to do the right thing and Ajay was her right.”

Many would think that it becomes mundane and lifeless when you keep doing the right thing always. However, at the end of the conversation, you eliminate these thoughts because Chandrachur Singh tells you that it’s absolutely not difficult to choose the right path, embrace positivity, and just let things take their own course of time in becoming what they have to. As he once again gears up for the second inning in Bollywood, Singh brings along more experiences and strength that he has extracted from life, and hope that people will continue to love him.