The country’s most loved host Manish Paul has given some power-packed performances during the Da-Bangg tour which culminated a few days back. Interestingly, the performances by Paul came after he suffered a fracture just before the tour started. Manish is among few people from the industry who bond really well with Salman Khan. In fact, Paul always looks upon Salman for inspiration and during the fracturing phase, he did the same thing. Also Read - Salman Khan Starrer Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai Gets 4.2 Million Views Across Platforms On Day 1

Manish was approached by Salman for the Da-Bangg tour but he wasn’t in a good shape. However, he did not want to refuse Salman and he did his best to recover quickly and build a physique so that he is able to go stage shirtless. Also Read - Salman Khan Saves Disha Patani From Falling Down During Radhe Song Zoom Zoom's Shooting - Watch BTS Video

In a statement, he said, “I panicked when I got a call. I told them about my condition and they said don’t worry this will happen next year. I was overjoyed and decided that if I have to go with Salman sir, I have to not only be as fit as him but also build my physique in such a way that I should be able to go on stage shirtless like him.” Also Read - Radhe Box Office Day 1: Salman Khan Makes Eid Happier, UAE Collects The Highest

He further said, “Bhaijaan keeps guiding me wherever he feels I am going wrong or where he feels I can improve. I grab that advice. He is like a family”.

Salman even encouraged Paul to explore his acting and singing talent. He also rapped Da-Bangg anthem in his own voice and took the stage by storm with his performances during the tour.

Manish recalls, “He’s the one who told me to turn into a singer, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.”