Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have just made the day happier for their fans. The newlyweds finally took to social media to share some photos from their wedding. Calling the photos absolutely stunning would be an understatement! Each photo is prettier than the other and speaks volume of the love and happiness DeepVeer share. The photos are candid ones from their wedding at Italy’s Lake Como. While most of them have Ranveer and Deepika beaming with joy on getting married, a few also show the happy faces of their family members as the two take vows for life. Also Read - Deepika Padukone Shares Katrina Kaif's Video of Washing Dishes, Says 'She Stole my Idea'

Both Ranveer and Deepika took to Instagram to post the photos one after another. But, none of them used any caption while posting them. Check the many photos that Deepika posted: Also Read - Ranveer Singh Writes Heartfelt Note For Father-in-Law Prakash Padukone, See Photo

Here are the photos posted by Ranveer:

The couple is currently in Bengaluru at Deepika’s place. As soon as they reached there, the two came out in the balcony and waved to the fans with DP’s parents also posing aside. What caught our eyes there was Ranveer’s sindoor though. Yes, you read it right. Ranveer was spotted with a maroon ink applied in the middle of his hair just above the forehead. It does appear a lot like sindoor. And we don’t mind. Trust Ranveer to break gender stereotypes like no one else in the industry.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ @deepika_p_universe

Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ @deepika_p_universe

Meanwhile, there are going to be two wedding receptions for Ranveer and Deepika. While one is for close family members in Bengaluru, the other one is in Mumbai for the industry friends. The couple is anyway making the buzz with their sightings in and out of the city. The wedding festivities will go on for the entire month, which also means we are going to get more lovely pictures of the two.