Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh has been in the middle of controversy ever since he extended his support to the protesting farmers at Delhi’s Singhu border last year. The reports were recently rife that the Income Tax department has allegedly initiated a probe against him. This irked the popular singer who took to Twitter on Monday to share his ‘platinum certificate’ issued by the government of India confirming his tax payment.Also Read - Diljit Dosanjh vs Kangana Ranaut Again: Singer Asks Her to 'Keep Ears Wide Open' And Learn About Farmers' Protest

Diljit made a series of tweets mentioning how a few people are after his life because they have nothing better to do. The actor added that he has been busy with work and therefore didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to trolls on Twitter. Diljit continued writing in Punjabi and tweeted, “Jee Tan Ni C Karda Par Ah Lao.. Aj Haalat Eh Ban Gaye aa Ke Apne Aap Nu BHARAT DA NAGRIK HON DA V SABOOT DENA PEY RIHA .. Eni Hate Eni Nafarat Na Failao Buggey.. Havaa Ch Teer ni Chalaide.. Edar Odar Vajj Jande Hunde aa,” followed by, “Ah Lao Fadh Lao Mera PLATINUM CERTIFICATE ‘In Recognition of the Contribution Towards Building THIS GREAT NATION’ Twitter Te Beh Ke Apne Aap Nu Desh Bhakt Dasan NAAL Tusi Desh Bhakt Ni Ban Jande.. Odey Lai Kam Karna Penda.” (sic) Also Read - Diljit Dosanjh's Explosive Reply to Those Who Trolled Farmers For Eating Pizza During Protest

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The certificate that he shared on Twitter had the authorities recognising his contribution towards ‘building the economy’ of the country. It read, “We appreciate the taxpayer, in the Platinum category, in recognition of the contribution towards building this great Nation.”

Diljit gave open support to the farmers on social media. He didn’t just support them with his presence in the protest but also contributed monetarily for which he was questioned by many people on social media. Guess everyone has an answer now!