New photos of actor Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar from their Mexican getaway earlier this year have emerged online. While the two shared photos from their vacation, the new pictures just give away so much more about their relationship. The leaked photos show the couple having the most of their time at a beach in Mexico. The actors are seen holding each other, playing with water and chasing each other on the shore. The new pictures definitely prove that these two are in the golden phase of their budding romance where they just can’t have enough of each other. Check out these Instagram posts: Also Read - 'Breathe With Me'! Farhan Khan, Shibani Dandekar's Loved-Up Underwater Pictures Are Full of Romance

The pictures that Farhan and Shibani posted earlier appeared quite polished and didn’t show their camaraderie. However, the new ones speak volume about their chemistry and how comfortable they are in each other’s presence. Here are a few pictures posted by Shibani from the Mexican holiday:

And here’s what Farhan had posted:

Together, these two now make one of the most talked about Bollywood couples. However, none of them has come out in the media to openly talk about their relationship. Farhan and Shibani have been going out for more than a year now. They are often seen attending Bollywood dos together, walking the red carpets hand-in-hand and even posing for the paparazzi. The speculations around their wedding are also rife in the Bollywood grapevine. They are expected to get married by April end or May. In fact, when Farhan was quizzed about the same on a chat show recently, he and Shibani made fun of the rumours.

When Shibani asked Farhan, “Hey Farhan, are we getting married in April or May? Can you please let me know because I am very confused,” he replied, “I think she is having a lot of fun with a lot of news that is going around currently, about us looking for wedding planners.” Actor Bhumi Pednekar accompanied Farhan on the show. So, she took part in the conversation and asked him, “Are you though?” To which Farhan replied, “It maybe April or April be ‘May’ .”