Controversy’s favourite child, Armaan Kohli, the former Bigg Boss contestant, is now out on bail on a bond of Rs 20,000 after being arrested by the Excise department for possessing 41 bottles of scotch whiskey as against the law of only 12 bottles. The actor’s Juhu residence was reportedly raided by Mumbai Excise department on Thursday night where the actor was found guilty. Also Read - Armaan Kohli in Soup Following Arrest For Illegal Possession of 41 Bottles of Foreign Liquor

“I have secured bail for a bond of Rs 20,000. I returned from Dubai on Tuesday and, along with six friends, bought 12 bottles of whiskey from duty-free, as I was planning to host a party a few days later. I have the required liquor permit and duty-free license. Unlike what has been claimed, I just had around 40 bottles, of which 19 were unopened. I spent the night at the Bandra excise office” Kohli told Bombay Times. Also Read - Neeru Randhawa Spill the Beans on Withdrawing Case against Ex- Boyfriend Armaan Kohli, To Get Tattoo Removed

The actor smells a foul play against him as he is continuously having to spend time behind the bars. About the Thursday incident, the actor said, “I appeared before the court on Friday around 11.30 am and was granted bail on the basis of the proof I produced. Clearly, someone is after my life and wants to tarnish my image”

However, this is not the first time that the former Bigg Boss contestant is under unfavourable limelight. Previously he made headlines for physically assaulting his girlfriend Neeru Randhawa.

Earlier this month, on December 12, Armaan was booked for allegedly abusing and threatening a woman fashion designer over some monetary issue, an FIR that Kohli had surrendered to. He was later released on bail.