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Former Bigg Boss Star Sofia Hayat to Reveal Details About Her Affair With Cricketer Rohit Sharma in Tell-All Book

Sofia revealed all the details about her relationship with Rohit in an interview.

Published: January 23, 2019 4:08 PM IST

By Entertainment Desk

Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat
Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/rohitsharma45/sofiahayat

Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has always been rumoured to have dated cricketer Rohit Sharma when he was not married as yet. Now she is set to put those rumours to rest when she pens a tell-all book about her life and also the affair she had with Rohit. In an interview, she revealed all the details about the upcoming book and a few things about the alleged relationship.

According to SpotboyE, in an interview they conducted with her, Sofia revealed how and when she started dating Rohit, and why she broke-up with him after he referred to her as a fan when he spoke with the media.

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When asked if the reports about her dating Rohit were true, she said, “Yes, those reports were true. And I am including him in the book.”

Sofia was asked how it all started, and she said, “I met him in a club in London. I was celebrating the wrap of a movie I had done. I was dancing when a friend of mine from the movie’s set introduced us. My friend told me ‘he is Rohit Sharma’ but I really didn’t know as I don’t see cricket much. Anyway, we got talking to each other and soon moved over to a quieter place in the club. It went pretty quickly from there. He kissed me. It was pretty nice. After that, we danced together.

“4 days later he came to stay with me in my house. After that, we were together for quite some time. I would come down to India. We would meet him either at his place or a hotel, or even my place in India. He was a nice, sweet guy. We were two individuals enjoying each other’s company and intimacy. We spoke a lot about how fans react if you don’t play well. He was quite sensitive to reactions from fans directed towards not just himself but even me. He was quite protective.

“The media had got the whiff of us, because I think we were spotted in hotels and rooms. Someone must have tipped off the media. My manager spoke to me about all that was happening and I remember telling him that I didn’t want to go public because I wanted to respect the relationship.”

The actress, model, singer and former nun went on to speak about the break-up and what she thought about his actions.

“It all began when he suddenly spoke to the media and told them that I was just a fan. That hurt me quite a bit. I decided to break-up with him. I sent him a message saying that: ‘Look, I am not your fan. And I don’t want to see you anymore. What you have done is disgusting’. I broke off all contacts with him. I didn’t want to see him. I blocked him on my Twitter handle. If someone can behave like that, I think somewhere the morality is not there,” she revealed.

Sofia also went on to say how if she ever came face-to-face with him she would ignore him, and that even though there was nothing more between them, she would be uncomfortable speaking to him. She concluded by saying that she wished him well, and for him to have a very happy married life.

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