The trailer of actress Shweta Tripathi‘s next film, Gone Kesh, is out and is being appreciated for talking about an important subject. The actress plays the role of a young girl who suffers from alopecia areata, a hair-fall causing disease. The trailer shows a happy-go-lucky girl suddenly stuck with life and her ambition of being a dancer when she realises she is suffering from extreme hair loss due to alopecia areata. The girl’s life turns upside down. Her parents, too, become stunned to know about the development. However, the courage and fighting spirit of the girl push her to move on and fulfil her dreams. The stigma of physical beauty that society attaches with being bald is another issue that the film touches upon. Also Read - Masaan Actress Shweta Tripathi All Set To Tie The Knot With Actor-Rapper Chaitanya Sharma

The trailer also features Vipin Sharma, Deepika Amin, and Jitendra Kumar apart from Shweta. Gone Kesh questions the standards of beauty in relation to hair loss and people suffering from it are left with a lack of confidence all their life. The film is written and directed by Qasim Khallow. It’s hitting the screens on March 29. Watch the trailer here:

While hair loss is a basic problem with most people, alopecia areata is a medical condition. It’s difficult to diagnose the disease early since there are no specific symptoms different from that of a normal hair loss. In fact, the trailer also shows a scene in which the parents of the girl take her to a doctor who tells them that it’s nothing but a nutritional deficiency in the diet. There are no particularly identified causes of the disease. In alopecia areata, the hair fall leaves small empty patches on the head, resulting in complete hair loss in a few months. There’s no successful treatment of the disease and no home remedy has shown proven help. The person suffering from the disease needs immense motivation and support to accept the condition.