As the debate around the existence of favouritism and groupism in Bollywood rages on, actor Govinda goes on to add a bit from his experience. The actor, who is known as the ’90s star in Bollywood, explained how even he has suffered due to the alleged nexus that largely controls the mechanism inside the industry. In his latest interview with Hindustan Times, the popular actor alleged that there’s a group of four-five people who decide which film to release at what level and he’s not the first one to complain about the same. Also Read - Govinda's Son Yashvardhan Ahuja Meets With a Car Accident in Juhu, Gets Minor Injuries

Govinda said that even the likes of legendary actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Jeetendra and late stars Rajesh Khanna and Raj Kapoor among others have also suffered due to this. The Hero No. 1 star added that despite all of that, one needs to have a better perspective and focus on only working hard. The actor was quoted saying, “Earlier whoever was talented, got work. Every film would get equal opportunities in theatres. But now, there are four or five people who dictate the whole business. They decide if they want to let films of those who aren’t close to them, release properly or not. Some of my good films also didn’t get the right kind of release. But, things are changing now.” Also Read - Govinda Wishes Best to Varun Dhawan For Coolie No. 1 After Criticising David Dhawan For Insulting Him

Govinda went on to say that when he had started to work in the industry, he used to sit for hours outside the producers’ offices to see them. He said, “There was a gap of 33 years between them leaving the film industry and me becoming an actor at 21. So by the time I entered the industry, many new producers had come who didn’t know much about my lineage. I had to wait for hours to meet them. I understood why they’d talk or behave in a certain way but never let it come in between me and my art.”

When asked about her daughter Narmada who couldn’t make a successful debut in the industry, Govinda said that he has full faith in her and he believes she would be able to ‘rise whenever her time comes.’

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