The nepotism debate has been sparked off after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. It has been reported that due to prevailing nepotism the actor has been ousted from the films and has held star kids responsible for the same. Now, director Hansal Mehta has also waded into the controversy and felt that the debate needs to be more ‘broadened’. He states that his son ‘got a step in the door’ because of him but also points out that being his son was not the only reason for him to get the opportunity, as his ‘talent, discipline, hard work, and similar values’ plays an important role.Also Read - Inder Kumar's Wife Pallavi Kumar Reveals Actor Was Victim of Nepotism, Accuses KJO, SRK For Giving False Hope

The director shared that he may or may not produce his son’s films but his success or failure totally depends on his talent. He also shared that ‘father’s shadow will be his biggest benefit and greatest bane’. Also Read - Monali Thakur Extends Her Support to Sonu Nigam, Says 'There is Alot of Mafiagiri, Nobody Gets Their Due'

As per him, people are not addressing the ‘elephant in the room’ and ‘belittle the real battle’ which is between ‘powerful and the rising’, ‘old and new’, ‘rigidity and change’ and ‘secure and insecure’ when addressing the issue of nepotism. Also Read - Bollywood Mafia: Adnan Sami Supports Sonu Nigam on His Mafia Statement, Calls Out 'Self-Professed Gods' of Music Industry

The National Award-winning filmmaker feels it is a misconception that ‘PT, imaging, paid media and gossip’ are the essential tools for ‘survival’. He claimed that media is using ‘insecurities and aspirations’ and giving the media ‘talent’ will help accomplish the ‘change’. He shares that instead of ‘Obsession over gym and airport looks’, if talent started doing the talking, the ‘filth’ in the industry will go away.

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A netizen pointed out that debate is about talented not even getting the opportunity, to which Mehta responded and said that ‘it is nobody’s fault’ that his son gets the chance. He further pointed out that even the ‘privilege’ has to be earned to be inherited.

Meanwhile, netizens are calling out film families such as Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Sonakshi Sinha, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shahid Kapoor for being the product of nepotism. Many have deactivated their Twitter account while others have turned off their Instagram comment section.