Actor Sonu Sood has won millions of hearts by helping the migrant workers reach their homes in the time when the government and other official authorities failed to care at this wide level. The actor began his Ghar Bhejo initiative in May and has so far sent over 1000 workers from Mumbai to their homes in various states including Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP and Bihar. Trending hashtags are being curated on his name and he’s constantly receiving the blessings and the good wishes of people from all across the country. While Sonu’s noble gesture is worth appreciating, the way he interacts with workers asking them to not worry anymore seems even more heartening. The actor replies to people on Twiter with as much grit and kindness as possible.Also Read - Smriti Irani Praises Sonu Sood For Helping Migrant Workers, Says 'Your Kindness Makes me Feel Proud'

When a labourer tweeted to him saying he would just like to be sent to his home state and he would cover the rest of the way to his home by foot, Sonu said ‘Paidal kyu jaoge dost? Number bhejo‘. A worker who wished to be with his mother during Eid was assured by Sonu that he should let his mother know he’s celebrating the festival with her. Another Twitter user shared a list of people who don’t use a smartphone and can’t tweet themselves for help. Sonu told the man to let all know that their message has been received and they are all going home. Also Read - Sonu Sood Trends on Twitter as People Thank Him For Being The Messiah For Migrant Workers

‘Consider it done’, ‘It’s done’, ‘Don’t worry, you will be home tomorrow’, ‘I am going to make you meet your parents tomorrow’, ‘your home is calling you’, ‘just send the details’ – Sonu’s Twitter timeline is filled with confident responses that keep your faith in humanity still alive and assure the workers that half of their journey to home is completed. Also Read - After Sending Karnataka Workers Home, Sonu Sood Arranges Buses For UP Migrant Workers

What Sonu is doing for the migrant workers is what India is known to stand for – harmony, equality, peace, and brotherhood. We need more Sonus in the world.

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