Veteran actor Hema Malini will be gracing the sets of Indian Idol 12 this weekend. Along with her short performances on her classic songs, she will also b sharing several anecdotes about her six-decade-long career, as well as, her love story with Dharmendra. Recollecting her dating times, she said that she and Dharmendra were shooting for a song when her father accompanied her to the sets so that she cannot spend time with Dharmendra alone.Also Read - Akshay Kumar Speaks on North Vs South Debate, Cites British Colonial Era: 'We Are All One Industry'

She said, “Usually my mother or my aunt used to accompany me on shoots but during the shoot of one of the songs my father accompanied me as he was worried that me and Dharam ji shouldn’t spend some time alone as he knew we were friends. I remember this when we used to travel in a car my father used to immediately sit next to me but even Dharam ji was no less he used to sit in the next seat.” Also Read - Pooja Hegde is a Sight to Behold in Dreamy White Feather Gown, Makes Stellar Debut at Cannes 2022 Red Carpet | See Photos

Talking about her cult film Sholay, she revealed about the classic song ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ that she was dancing on plastic but the expressions were the highlight of the entire song. She even said that it was the ‘toughest role’ she had acted. She said, “Sholay is a cult movie but I must add that it was one of the toughest roles I had acted because of various conditions. Majorly I was shooting barefoot that to in Bangalore in the month of May. The floor was always very hot and walking barefoot was very tough especially if you are shooting in the afternoon. Weather conditions made the shooting a little difficult than normal but the overall experience of shooting with everyone will always be cherished.” Also Read - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Makes a Statement With Hot Pink Valentino Suit Worth Rs 4 Lac - First Look From Cannes 2022

On the sets of Indian Idol 12, Hema Malini will be seen grooving to ‘Dream Girl, ‘Tere Chehre Mein Jadu Hai’, ‘Waada Toh Nibhaya’, ‘Haa Ke Sath Sath’.

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