Actor Irrfan Khan‘s wife Sutapa Sikdar took to Facebook to share a long note about her say in the entire outsider vs insider debate that has raged on after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June this year. Sikdar mentioned that her note has got nothing to do with SSR and it’s just a pure version of what she thinks of the issue and how her husband dealt with the same. In her Facebook note that has now gone viral, she explained how her late husband never paid attention to being on top of magazine covers or being invited to Bollywood parties. Sikdar wrote that if one is totally dedicated to one’s craft, it doesn’t matter if the person is popular in some Bollywood groups or not.Also Read - KRK Deletes His 'Back For My Vengeance' Tweet, Says 'I've Forgotten Whatever Bad Happened With Me'

“If you consider your work a spiritual quest you won’t be sad if people didn’t call you for their “parties” or did not come for your “premiers”. Irrfan did not get a cover page of a film magazine for many years he did not waste his time gossiping about people or bad mouthing nor did he get depress ,he chiseled his craft ..and refused to be part of it till he got the cover page and he did.(he got mostly depressed not clinically but sad, looking at the disparity in the society.)or once or twice went to a brink of breakdown preparing for roles not because so called insiders did not call him for holi parties. and yes no one dared make fun of him ever on any show or any channel,” she wrote. Check out the entire Facebook post here: Also Read - KRK Arrested: Twitter Starts Meme-Fest, Bollywood Fans Say 'Karan Johar is Happiest Today' | Check Funny Tweets

Grave Warning : perhaps longest post in the FB so if you are absolutely bored read on.
Who is an outsider/one who comes…

Posted by Sutapa Sikdar on Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Asserting that ‘talking to a therapist is not equal to be called mad’, Sikdar said that one needs to understand the business and the film industry to sustain here. She went on to say that ‘patronising outsiders’ is not required and one should ask an ‘outsider’ before asking sympathy for them. Also Read - Irrfan Khan's Wife Sutapa Sikdar Says She Keeps Wondering 'Did I Do Something Wrong?'

“I kind of feel you the one who is pretending to be the messiah of outsiders who most probably is not even from the industry is putting me into a bracket and underlining for the whole world to see I am an outsider and also hence pity me? I don’t want your patronization. Did you ask any “outsiders “ if they want this intervention?? Or you are self appointed outsiders association of India??” she wrote.

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