Actor Roopa Ganguly has been voicing her opinion on Twitter in the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case and demanding a CBI inquiry in the matter. The actor-turned-BJP MP now talked to news agency IANS in her latest interview and revealed why she has been suspecting a foul play in the late actor’s case. Roopa mentioned that she, along with many other people, can see that a lot of questions still stand unanswered in the case and the police have not been giving attention to those. The actor said that she’s not doubting the capability of the Mumbai police by asking for CBI inquiry but there shouldn’t be any fear if there’s one more agency involved in solving a sensitive case.Also Read - Fact Check: Sushant Singh Rajput's Father Has Not Demanded CBI Inquiry, He is Not on Twitter

Roopa mentioned seven questions related to the SSR suicide case in her interview to elaborate on why she wants the officials to probe more aggressively in the matter. Check out these questions asked by the veteran actor: Also Read - Kapil Sharma Abused For Not Posting on Sushant Singh Rajput's Suicide Case, he Hits Back at The Troll

“1. Why did the forensic team reach his house on June 15? The police said there was no foul play. The forensic team reaching a day late raises a big question. Also Read - Star Named After Sushant Singh Rajput? Fans Celebrate as a Certificate Announcing The Same Goes Viral

2. Why were there so many marks on his body? That he hanged from the ceiling has no impact on his face as we can see in his last pictures.

3. Why have the police not sealed his house yet?

4. Where is his dog?

5. Is not possible that he was murdered? Is it not possible that someone murdered him, locked his body inside the bathroom, and said the keys were lost?

6. Why has nobody been arrested yet? The police couldn’t prove it is suicide.

7. A person, who was so grounded, so down to earth who is so ambitious that he writes his dreams – would he quit so easily?

8. Why should the police department consider it an insult to take help from other agencies?”

The popular actor added that she didn’t include any political influence in the case or spoke with any political motive because she wants to be heard as a common person. Roopa said she’s not speaking her mind as an MP this time but feels strongly for the actor and wants justice for him. She revealed that she’s going to write to the Home Minister in some time and also request the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to push for a CBI inquiry in the matter.

Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide on June 14 after hanging himself to the ceiling fan of his apartment at Bandra’s Mont Blanc building. He was 34 years old. The autopsy report of the actor released earlier by the police mentioned that he died because of asphyxia caused due to hanging. The viscera report that came later also ruled out any foul play in the case. The police have now sent the cloth, that the late actor used to hang himself, for tensile strength analysis to establish whether the cloth could really carry 80 kg weight.