Jackie Shroff is the latest Bollywood celebrity who has commented on the ongoing #MeToo movement that has taken Bollywood by storm. Several prominent names have been accused of sexual harassment by various women. This includes names like Nana Patekar, Sajid Khan, Alok Nath, Anu Malik, Subhash Ghai among many others. Now, talking about how the entire movement has impacted the Hindi film industry, Bollywood’s Bhidu mentioned that he knows a lot of those who have been accused and it’s sad to see them “washing their dirty linen in public”. Jackie was talking to PTI when he made a few statements on the growing movement. He also commented on Sajid Khan and Nana Patekar’s ouster from their respective film projects. Also Read - 19-Year-Old Model Allegedly Raped And Thrashed by 4 People in Mumbai, Friend Films The Sexual Attack

When asked to comment on Sajid Khan and Nana Patekar being accused by women, the senior Shroff clarified that he won’t like to ‘fan’ the issue. He said, “I don’t want to fan it. If they take (these men) in their films or don’t, it’s their call. If they don’t remove them, there might be an agitation. People will say ‘why not remove them’. So let it rest”. Also Read - Payal Ghosh, Who Accused Anurag Kashyap, Asks Mumbai Police 'Do I Have To Die To Get The Proceedings Going'

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/ India.com

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Jackie then expressed his disappointment over people’s reaction to the issue and said, “It’s so unfortunate that all my colleagues are fighting. They are my co-actors… Washing their dirty linen in public and people are watching and enjoying it, trying to be (holy). Look into your own eyes. Look what you have been through. Why are people having this immense interest in watching what others are doing? It’s an unfortunate thing happening at the moment”.

He then went on to discuss how some women fear to share their harassment stories. He said, “If they (perpetrators) are given a tight slap, a good beating right there and then. No one should tolerate the indecent behaviour, it’s an absolute no. Women shouldn’t go through this”. He added that women need to come out stronger, “Maybe there are girls who are shy, who wouldn’t be comfortable taking this step. I know because I have a daughter and a wife but it’s time one has to be a little strong”.