Veteran lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar is going to appear on a news channel to take part in a discussion around nepotism in the film industry along with his kids Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. A promo of the same is doing the rounds on social media with various comments – some appreciating the Akhtars for calling a spade a spade and some, like Kangana Ranaut’s team blaming them for mentally harassing the newcomers in the industry.Also Read - Netizens Flood Internet With Nepotism Jokes And Memes on Ishaan Khatter After Phone Bhoot Announcement

In the promo, the senior Akhtar is seen asking many questions while contributing to the debate. He is seen asking that if someone has money, should that person not spend it on his son. Similarly, Zoya is seen trying to simplify the debate by saying how the bottom line is to decide whether someone would want to leave their business for their kids or for another person outside the family who might be good at handling the business. Also Read - Abhay Deol Says Nepotism in India is Backed by Caste-Based Discrimination, And You Should Read The Entire Post to Realise Its Importance

Javed Akhtar says, “If I have money, I am putting money on my son, this is nepotism? Then every industry there is nepotism.” Farhan adds, “If you are very talented, your talent will find a way to the surface. That is bound to happen,” while Zoya says, “If I am a barber and I have a barber shop, am I going to leave it to my son, or am I going to leave it to the best barber in the city? And that’s the bottom line.” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut's Team Slams Pooja Bhatt, Alleges Mahesh Bhatt Threw Chappals at Her in Response to Nepotism Tweet

As the debate around nepotism, favouritism, groupism and lobbying in Bollywood rages on, several filmmakers and actors have come forward to share their own experiences of facing injustice at the hands of the powerful people in the film industry. In her latest interview, actor Kangana Ranaut alleged that Javed Akhtar once called her to his house and told her that she should apologise to Hrithik Roshan for her claims or else she would have nothing else to do except dying by suicide.