Actor Jiah Khan allegedly died by suicide on June 3, 2013. Her mother, Rabia Khan, has been claiming that Jiah did not take her own life but she was allegedly murdered by actor Sooraj Pancholi. The case was closed by the Mumbai Police but Rabia has been fighting for seven years. Now when Sushant Singh Rajput died in June this year, Rabia once again came out to say that he didn’t die by suicide but was killed. Also Read - Rhea Chakraborty Money Laundering Case: ED Confirms Rs 15 Crore Withdrawn From Sushant Singh Rajput's Account

In her latest interview with India Today TV, Rabia spoke about her daughter’s death and how ‘Bollywood-mafia’ works to silence those who they can’t control. She spoke against filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and mentioned that he had threatened her at the funeral of the late actor back in 2013. Rabia said that when she objected to Bhatt trying to paint her daughter as a ‘depressed soul’, he asked her to keep mum or else she will be silenced forever. Also Read - Aditya Thackeray's Name Allegedly Crops up Again in Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case as Rhea Chakraborty's Call Log Shows 'AU' Dialled Multiple Times

Explaining how Jiah was not depressed and always used to share everything with her, Rabia said, “Who said it? (that she was depressed) Except for Mahesh Bhatt. At my daughter’s funeral, he came to me and said that Jiah was depressed. I said, ‘Excuse me sir. She was never depressed.’ He told me, ‘Tum chup hojao varna tumhe bhi injection deke sula dege.’ Victim are made criminals here and they accuse their families, saying that we want money.” Also Read - Sooraj Pancholi Files Police Complaint Against People Allegedly Harassing And Linking Him to Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Salian

Rabia further alleged that Bhatt is the ‘mouthpiece’ of Bollywood mafia and a ‘pathetic’ person. She added that the filmmaker used to ‘intimidate’ Jiah when she was just 16-years-old. “He told me to leave her alone. How could I leave her alone? I will speak for justice. I will tell the world what these people are,” said Rabia.

Talking about Sushant and relating the incident to what happened with Jiah, Rabia said that the industry follows a pattern to eliminate those who ‘slip out of their control.’ She alleged that Sooraj used to harass Jiah and beat her up. “The police officer told me he wants to punish Sooraj. I told him to look at Sooraj Pancholi’s background. He used to beat my daughter. I told them that my daughter has been killed, take a Narco test, but they refused it. The Police were pressurised by the Bollywood mafia so much that a Bollywood icon said that don’t interrogate him, leave him alone, we are launching him,” she explained.

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