One of the most remembered comedians of the Hindi film industry – Johnny Walker died on July 28, 2003. He was not just a popular comedian but one of the finest actors the industry ever produced. How else would you describe a person who performed a drunkard in films all his life without even touching a drop of alcohol in real? Many don’t even know that Johny Walker wasn’t his real name. In fact, it was a name that was given to him later owing to his performances as an alcoholic man in films. Here are other few interesting facts about the actor. Take a look:Also Read - Telangana: Police seizes foreign liquor worth Rs 5.5 lakhs

1. Johnny Walker was not a trained actor. He used to work as a bus conductor and was spotted by actor Balraj Sahni when he was entertaining a few passengers with his performance as a drunkard. Sahni was writing Baazi (1951) for Guru Dutt at that time and he introduced Walker to the filmmaker. Guru Dutt immediately got impressed by his performance and offered him a role in his debut directorial. That’s how Walker’s film journey began. Also Read - Women and single malts: Industry wants spirits to be gender neutral

2. Johnny Walker’s real name was Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi and he was a practising Muslim who didn’t have even a single drop of alcohol in his entire life. In fact, he was believed to be a teetotaller. He was given a new name after a popular whiskey brand.

3. The comedian shared a terrific working relationship with Guru Dutt. He once revealed in his interview that their bonding was so organic that Dutt even used to make note of everything Walker would do while rehearsing for his character in his films. “He used to look at everyone on the sets and see if the light boys, the cameraman, the assistants were laughing at my dialogues. Guru Dutt then had an assistant to write down whatever I said in the rehearsals. That’s how we worked,” Walker once revealed.

4. Johny Walker is survived by six kids – three daughters and three sons. One of his sons – Nasirr Kazi forayed into the film industry and also did many popular TV shows. He was seen in films like Baghban (2003), The Lunchbox (2013), Wazir (2016) and Force 2 (2016) among others.

So which one of Johnny Walker’s films are you watching today?