The BJP-led government in many states of India continues to mull over a bill against what they call ‘love-Jihad‘. The decision has received wide criticism from all corners with people considering this as an encroachment of personal rights and an attempt to spread the communal divide in the country. The states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh appear to be more stringent than the rest of the part of country to bring out the said law which they say will curb the ‘forceful’ religious conversion or conversions through fraudulent ways. The celebs, too, have found out different ways to spread positivity in such times by talking about the stories of their own inter-faith relationships.Also Read - Women Free to Live Wherever, With Whoever They Want: Delhi HC Quashes 'Love Jihad' Case

In the latest, actor Kalki Koechlin, who recently had a baby with her Jerusalem-based partner Guy Hershberg, talked about how they enjoy being together and their faiths are almost nonexistent in their life’s decisions. Also Read - A Suitable Boy: Netflix's Web Series Sparks Controversy Over Kissing Scene, BJP Leader Says 'It Promotes Love Jihad'

In a quote given to a portal called India Love Project, the actor opened up on her love story with a Jewish man who belongs to three different cultures and yet learned to make biryani for her. Kalki said that she herself is of French origin but is born and brought up in India and learned Hebrew for her ‘Guy’. The actor added that they essentially belong to different religions and very different cultures but don’t perform any religious rites rather believe in embracing those differences by sharing customs and food.

Kalki’s entire post read, “We met at a petrol station on the way to the Dead Sea and started a conversation that lasted us several years of togetherness and a baby. We did the Bombay-Jerusalem commute every month for a couple of years where I used to pack fresh coconuts in my suitcase to Israel and he brought kilos of oranges and avocados to India. He got me to eat middle-eastern salad for breakfast, I got him to eat three regular meals a day. He learnt to make biryani and I, shakshuka. He took Hindi classes and watched French films, I started online Hebrew classes and learnt to listen to western classical music. He likes his coffee with cardamom, I like my chai with milk and sugar.
He’s Jewish. Part Russian, part Polish, part Iranian. I’m of French origin, born and brought up in India. My first name is Hindu, my last name is Protestant. We have a daughter with a Greek name to whom we speak in Hebrew, French, Hindi and Tamil. We don’t follow any religious rites at home but we share our different customs and food. We fight everyday about whose turn it is to do the dishes and we always split our dessert in equal parts.” (sic)

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There are many couples in the industry who could only see and listen to love, and who saw their lives together beyond their religions. What Kalki mentioned is beautiful and we wonder how right it is for someone to deprive others of this beauty of love!

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