Actor Kangana Ranaut says she has found a new goal in life. The actor recently gave a tour of her newly built office space in Mumbai and now, in an interview with an entertainment portal, she talked about her next ambitions. Kangana said when she had left her home to be an actor in Mumbai, she was perceived as a ‘gold digger from a small town.’ However, she changed that image by earning a big name in the film industry.Also Read - Take a Sneak Peek Inside This Breathtaking Production House Office of Kangana Ranaut- VIDEO

Kangana added that now she has a new goal – to be one of the richest people in the country. She said she didn’t think of achieving so much in life and career. The actor, who’s gearing up for his pan-India film Thalaivi, said she decided to look at money as her ambition after realising that women are being judged everywhere for their choices. She told Pinkvilla, “To be honest, I never thought I’d come this far. I never had these as my primary ambitions. I didn’t have material ambitions. But it started off when I saw that women are hugely judged for not going after material ambitions. Men are running this race. The women feel vulnerable at that point. Being a woman, I don’t think about money.” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut’s New Self-Written Poem on Love And Life Titled 'Aasmaan' Wins Hearts- Watch

Elaborating on the ‘gold digger’ statement, Kangana said she has worked hard to change that perception. The actor went on to say that this perception changed her life forever. She said, “This is something that has been so obnoxiously told to me which changed the course of my life forever. Then, it became about material things. Then, I thought that maybe, I will have a fair chance in society if I have that. So now, I have another goal, to be one of the richest people in India by the age of 50.” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut's Pictures From Her School Days in Chandigarh Prove She Always Looked Camera Ready to Become an Actor