Actor Kangana Ranaut has opened up about an alleged drug nexus in Bollywood and revealed that she also experienced it at the hands of a ‘character actor’. She claimed that a person entered her life as a ‘self-proclaimed mentor’ while she was trying to enter the industry and later assumed the role of a ‘self-appointed husband’. Speaking to Republic TV, she said, “It was during this time period that this character actor befriended me, promising to help me with finding work in Bollywood. He also impressed the woman I was living with and soon become her ‘self-appointed mentor’, and the three started living together. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Confessed He Was Claustrophobic And Insomniac in 2015, Video Goes Viral | Watch

“He fought with the aunty and asked her to leave. But he kept my belongings in the home and locked me. And whatever I would do, his staff would straightaway give updates to him. It felt almost like a house arrest”, she added. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: This is What CBI is Asking Rhea Chakraborty During Second Round of Interrogation

She went on, “He took me to parties and once I felt an intoxication, that led to intimacy between us. Then I realised that it was not done willingly, but my drink had been spiked. And after that incident, within a week, he became my self-appointed husband. And if I tell him, ‘you are not my boyfriend’, he’d charge at me with slippers to hit me.” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: Rhea Chakraborty Reaches DRDO Guesthouse For Second Day Interrogation By CBI

Kangana mentioned how this person was upset when she got her big break. She said, “When I got the break, he was agitated. He started telling me after drinking that he never expected that I will get a break so soon. After that he started sedating me with injections, so that I am not able to go to shoots. I told my director Anurag Basu about it. If he would hit me and I’d have bruises, Anurag would make me stay at his office for many nights, to protect me.”

Speaking about Rhea and the drug angle exposed, she said, “It is likely Sushant was drugged to break his mind or to create a controversy around his murder. Sushant did not come from a family that would consume hard drugs like LSD and Rhea might have arranged marijuana, legal in some countries, from abroad for Sushant.”

Speaking about Rhea’s interview, she expressed, “The nation had united with movements like ‘Justice for SSR’ and ‘CBI For SSR’, after which the Supreme Court had orderd the CBI probe in Sushant’s case. However, as Rhea gave her first interview, terms like ‘Justice for Rhea’ also trended online. When asked about it by Republic Media Network Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Kangana replied, “Rhea is just a pawn who may have been used him for money, to get films or might have given him drugs, but who is the mastermind behind Rhea? We need to know that.”

“If she gets jailed for abetment to suicide or murder, that is a different point, but who empowered Rhea and what are their motives? What did these people want from Sushant?  Did Sushant know something because of which they felt threatened ? Did they want to achieve something from his genius. Why has it become easy for one to kill someone and hang them?”, she added.

She further said, “When the country is going through Swachch Bharat, why is Bollywood hyped up so much in our country? Who will clean the Bollywood gutter? Through Rhea, we have to reach them. Sushant will get justice only when we know who broke him or drugged him. We should stay together. Bollywood is a very big project in that reform for new India.”