IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil faced wrath after she posted on social media that bursting firecrackers on Diwali is not a Hindu tradition as there is no mention of crackers in epics and puranas. Now, actor Kangana Ranaut tweeted, “Sick n tired of being treated like a slave in my own country, we can’t celebrate our festivals, can’t speak the truth and defend our ancestors, we can’t condemn terrorism, what is the point of such a shameful enslaved life controlled by the keepers of darkness. (sic)” Also Read - BMC Mayor Calls Kangana Ranaut '2 Takke Ke Log' While Reacting to HC's Judgment in Property Demolition Case

“Government appoints people like @D_Roopa_IPS to protect fundamental rights of commoners, but look at her obnoxious ignorance like a sore looser she became so vengeful that if she couldn’t win the arguments with facts she simply got @TIinExile eliminated.Shame on you”, the followed-up tweet reads.

She further said, “Side effects of reservations, when unworthy and undeserving gets the power they don’t heal they only hurt, I don’t know anything about her personal life but I guarantee that her frustration is stemming out of her incompetence.”

She ended by saying, “Living off on tax money, these cops are answerable for arm twisting commoners, it’s a valid question rather than taking people’s complaints and assisting them, why is @D_Roopa_IPS indulging in time pass trolling that too in working hours threatening and intimidating youngsters.”

With COVID-19 cases still rising, many state governments had announced firecrackers ban on Diwali.