Actor Kangana Ranaut continued to criticise Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray for his statements in which he indirectly slammed her again for comparing Mumbai with PoK. Along with releasing a video, Kangana also made a series of tweets against the CM and his party. The actor alleged that Thackeray used derogatory language for her in Shiv Sena‘s Dussehra rally that took place on Sunday.Also Read - Kangana Ranaut's Explosive Video For Uddhav Thackeray: Defaming a State Because You Are Upset With One Woman

Calling the CM ‘the worst product of nepotism‘, Kangana wrote, “Raut called me Haramkhor now Uddhav called me namak haram, he is claiming I won’t get food in my state if Mumbai does not give me shelter, shame on you I am your son’s age this is how you speak to a self made single woman, Chief Minister you are the worse product of nepotism.” (sic) Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Responds to Uddhav Thackeray's 'Ganja' Statement: Open Bullying by a Working CM

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The Queen star who introduced the nepotism debate in the industry by appearing on filmmaker Karan Johar’s chat show, dig more into the issue by calling out Thackeray this time. She took a pot shot at the CM by saying that she is a self-made woman and is not living off her father’s money. Her tweet read, “Chief Minister I am not drunk on my father’s power and wealth like you, if I wanted to be a nepotism product I could have stayed back in Himachal, I hail from a renowned family, I didn’t want to live off on their wealth and favours, some people have self respect and self worth.” (sic)

Making a veiled attack on Kangana in his speech on Sunday, Thackeray said, “Mumbai is PoK, there are drug addicts everywhere – they are painting such a picture. They don’t know in our house we grow tulsi, not ganja. Ganja fields are in your state, you know where, not in our Maharashtra.”