Always in news for sparking controversy, actor Kangana Ranaut’s sister and spokesperson Rangoli Chandel has once again entered into a war of words as she took to her Twitter handle earlier today to give her opinion on Kamaal R Khan’s claim of Karan Johar throwing Ishaan Khatter out of Dharma. Kamaal claimed to have grabbed the news from his sources and stated that since Ishaan was rude to Karan which led to this action. Also Read - Neelima Azeem Says Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter Travelled by Buses to Understand Struggle | Exclusive

“According my sources #KaranJohar has thrown out #Ishaankhattar from #Dharma because Ishaan was talking rudely with him. Hence he is not going to make any more film with Ishaan.” (sic) Kamaal’s tweet read. Reposting it, Rangoli tweeted, “Karan not only takes huge percentage of every artist earnings who he launches or works with and sends to Matrix bt also tells them what to wear and who to sleep with, percentage I understand lot f Hollywood production houses do that but always forcing actors to patch up…(contd)” (sic) and later added, “(contd)& break up based on his brand propaganda requirements will nt b acceptable by any self respecting individual career gaya bhad mein peace f mind is more imp khud ki nazron mein he gir jaoge toh duniya mein 4 paise toh kama loge magar sahi mayane mein kuch ban nahin paoge” (sic). Also Read - Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivi Gets Postponed Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases

You’re wrong if you think that Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel is the only family member who is vocal about her success, achievements and her struggle as an actor. In her latest interaction with the media, Kangana’s mother, Asha Ranaut has come out to talk about her daughter and how she is proud of her. The actor’s mother spoke on the occasion of Mother’s Day and revealed that she’s glad to see that her daughter has turned out to be a fearless woman who has built everything on her own.

The mother of two daughters added that she would like to congratulate all the mothers with daughters who are staying away from the family and keeping on their own without any support. She also sent her love to the daughters who are working hard each day, day and night, to make their parents feel proud. She was quoted saying, “Love to all the daughters who make their parents proud with their hard work. My daughter Kangana is making the entire Himachal Pradesh proud.”