Star sisters – Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are working on their own ‘Quarantine Tape’ series in which they talk about themselves, family, and the challenges they faced while growing up. In the latest part of the series, Khushi talked about her days from childhood and her insecurities as the younger daughter of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi. Khushi said she’s grateful for the love that she receives from people even when she hasn’t done anything yet to deserve so much of it. However, she confessed that she also has to face criticism and unnecessary trolling because she doesn’t look like her famous late mother. Also Read - Watch: Khushi Kapoor’s Epic Reaction After Tasting Banana With Toffee Sauce Made by Her Sis Janhvi Kapoor

Khushi said she has built her own defense mechanism against the insensitivity that people throw her way because of her features and the way she dresses up. The aspiring actor added that she has had self-esteem issues due to this which resulted in her deliberate choices of looking like a certain way and dressing up in a particular fashion. Khushi was quoted saying, “People still s**t on me. I’m kind of shy and awkward. Obviously, sometimes, the hate gets to you, especially being so young. I just want people to know I am a real person. I didn’t really know how to handle it, so my self-esteem issues and insecurities stem from that. As a child, it affected the way I saw my parents. I didn’t look like my mom and I didn’t look like my sister, so sometimes, people would point that out and make fun of me. I wasn’t the healthiest about it at some point and it affected the way I would eat and the way I would dress.” Also Read - Janhvi Kapoor Bakes Carrot Cake For Sis Khushi Kapoor But Her Reaction Takes All The Attention

Now, after having been through so much already, nothing affects the 19-year-old girl. She said even though she is not the kind of person she wants to be, she knows that the work is in progress. The younger sister of Bollywood actor Janhvi added that she now doesn’t care if she’s being judged. “I think that the way to deal with it is to say f**k it and put yourself out there and do whatever you feel like doing,” Khushi said. Also Read - Khushi Kapoor Clicks This Fabulous Magazine Cover Featuring Janhvi And Her Cute Dog