Actor Kiran Kumar, who was declared coronavirus-free recently, now opened up on his battle with the deadly virus. In his latest interview with Mumbai Mirror, the veteran actor revealed that these 14 days of self-isolation made him realise how loved he is and that self-introspection is important. The 67-year-old actor talked about his journey and what precautions to strictly follow. He said self-isolation is the key to the recovery and making sure that your loved ones are safe from contracting COVID-19.  Also Read - Kiran Kumar Tests Negative For Coronavirus After Two Weeks of Detection

Kumar said he had taken the test as part of the wholesome body checkup process and was sure that he wouldn’t be infected. However, when the test reports came out to be positive, the actor said he wasn’t shocked and decided to face ‘yet another adversity in life.’ “Acceptance is necessary, especially when dealing with such crisis,” he said. The actor added that his family was his greatest support and everyone showered immense love on him. Kumar said he used to eat in disposable utensils and had zero contact with anyone. Also Read - Dhadkan Actor Kiran Kumar Tests Positive For COVID-19, Says It's Been 10 Days And He's Asymptomatic

As soon as he got to know about being infected, the actor moved to the third floor of his house where he lived alone away from the rest of the family. He said his wife used to cook the meals for him and keep it on the stairs. “I told my wife to buy disposable utensils for me to eat in. My food would be prepared and kept on the staircase. I’d pick it up myself, eat and dispose-off the plates, ensuring zero contact. I also made my own bed and cleaned the room,” Kumar explained. Also Read - Entertainment News Today, May 10: Zoa Morani Donates Blood For Plasma Therapy After Recovering From COVID-19, Gets Rs 500 From Hospital

Adding that living with COVID-19 is definitely the new normal, the actor said once you accept that this is how your life is going to be, half of your battle is won. Kumar mentioned his staff Pramod and Jay who had the option of protecting themselves better and moving out of the house once he was tested positive but they chose to stay and help the family struggle together. “I may be a known name but at home, my wife (Sushma) is the tigress. She never let any of us mope and my sister (Nikki), who has been pampering me like a kid, cooked my favourite dishes. My children (Shaurya and Srishti) have been tending to my every need while my support staff, Pramod and Jay, have also stood by me like a rockm instead of running away after finding out that I had tested positive,” he said.

Kumar is the son of the famous late actor – Jeevan. After debuting in Hindi film as a hero, Kumar went on to take up the roles of the villain in the films and became popular at that. The actor is known as the Amitabh Bachchan of the Gujarati film industry. Summing up his journey with COVID-19, he said, “Getting infected is not criminal, hiding it is.”