A few weeks ago, television actor Kritika Kamra shared a picture wearing a swimwear for which she was trolled tremendously. It does not take long for celebs to get trolled these days. The actor even received a lot of positive comments from her fans who loved her bold look but many slammed her for her outfit. During an interview with Hindustan Times, the actor talked about the same and said, “It’s my Instagram page and I can put up whatever I want. I wanted to put up a photo in a bikini, so I did. I wasn’t affected by the comments, as I had turned off my notifications, which is a good feature. You are never bothered then. Basically, people just need a reason to talk. I won’t lie — nasty comments do affect you, especially once you have read them. Any girl in a bikini attracts certain comments about her body, shape, etc.” Also Read - Kritika Kamra's Bikini Body at The Beach Will Make You Want to Hit The Gym

Kritika, when asked the reason behind sharing such a bold picture that is so unlike her, she replied saying, “It was a beautiful day. I was out with my friends. We clicked a couple of shots and I decided to put them up online without a thought. The photo turned out really well. I wasn’t thinking about the reactions. The comments don’t bother me, but they were bothering people around me, so I read some of them.” Well, Kritika seems to be least bothered about the negativity around her and tends to avoid it instead. Also Read - Kritika Kamra Shows Off Her Sexy Side With Her Bikini Picture in Thailand - See Pics

The Kitani Hai Mohabbatein star even went on to say that there is no way she is going to stop posting what she wants to just because of these negative comments. She said, “Why should certain comments or people stop you from posting what you want to?.” She concluded by saying, “Sometimes, you are really tempted, because you want some peace of mind and want to give them a piece of your mind, but then you realise it is not worth it. I have learnt that over time. If this had happened a couple of years ago, I would have reacted, tagged and replied to the trolls. But today, I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t have time to deal with rubbish. I don’t want to school everybody.” Also Read - Karan Kundra: I Chose Dil Hi Toh Hai Over a Movie