Actor Lisa Ray has released a memoir titled Close to The Bones. In her latest interview with a daily, she talked about her experience of writing the same, reliving the journey and how her ‘flaws define who she is’. Lisa, who battled bone cancer successfully, also talked about how writing makes her feel happy and her decision of becoming a mother at this stage in life. The Kasoor star was talking at the launch event of her book when she interacted with DNA and mentioned that she has emerged as a better person after battling cancer in life. Lisa said that life always has its own way of making people learn new things and one should just be ready to accept when difficult times come in. Also Read - Mother's Day 2020: Lisa Ray Shares Throwback Pictures of Her Mother And It Will Melt Your Heart

She was quoted by the daily saying, “There is no contract any of us sign that we are going to get through life without any problems. Yet, we have the tendency to feel ashamed about presenting what are perceived to be our flaws.” Lisa added that she feels beautiful because of her ‘flaws’ and that one becomes stronger after being broken in life.  “Sometimes during shoots, they ask if they should cover it (the scars from her cancer treatment), and I say, ‘Don’t, it’s part of who I am’,” said the 47-year-old actor. Also Read - Lisa Ray Shares Awwdorable Photo of Twin Daughters Wearing Masks, Practicing Social Distancing

Mother of twin daughters, Lisa further opened up on feeling ‘wholeness’ after the birth of her kids. She said that her family brought a sense of ‘less restlessness’ and it appeared as if she received the answers she was seeking for a long time. The green-eyed beauty also called her husband the ‘most incredible man’ and revealed that she decided to be a mother when she knew that ‘I was whole and fulfilled and could be a good mother.’ Lisa said that she had healed herself and was ready to give more when she planned to have a baby. Also Read - World Cancer Day 2020: 7 Inspiring Stories of Celebrities Who Fought Cancer & Emerged Victorious

Lisa is away from the movie business for a long time. However, she expressed that she wants to concentrate on being a prolific writer. Lisa said, “I have a lot of ambitions. I want to be a great writer. I want to win the Booker Prize! And I don’t see that as a contradiction to who I am. Why can’t I be both?” She then said that she feels there’s a need to express herself because even after spending so much time in the industry, she feels she’s still ‘labelled.’ Lisa said that she wrote the book because she took it as an opportunity to ‘define myself as I feel.’

The daily quoted her saying, “People actually feel angry and threatened if I don’t conform exactly to those perceptions of me. My personal journey has always been about defying perceptions and labels. The book is a revelation for me, probably the most creative project I have ever been a part of in my life, even bigger than a film release.” She added that she wanted to take control of her ‘own narrative’ because being in the glamour business is a ‘double-edged sword.’