Actress Sahila Chadha has stated that no one from the family of actor Mahesh Anand came to claim his dead body till the very last minute. In an interview with a daily, she has revealed that she had decided to cremate Anand with a few friends until the actor’s sister came at the very last moment and claimed his body.

Dainik Bhaskar has quoted Sahila saying it was quite upsetting to see that even Anand’s son Trishul Anand, who lives in Toronto, didn’t come to cremate his father. The actor was finally cremated at Mumbai’s Oshiwara crematorium.

Sahila further told the daily that while Anand was a good human being, he was in a relationship with multiple women. She said the actor had married a few but was in a live-in relationship with most women he was dating. She went on to say that Anand had got married five times.

Meanwhile, the police have ruled out the possibility of any conspiracy behind Anand’s death, concluding that he didn’t even commit suicide and died naturally. It is believed that he had been suffering from depression and needed work due to financial constraints.

Mahesh was last seen in a brief role in Govinda starrer Rangeela Raja. He even posted about his appearance in the film on Facebook and wrote, ““im happy after 18 years i had onne movie released today,,,,rangeela raja,,,,,,,, i am just therefor 6 minutes in the end,,, hope you all will welcome me back.” (sic)

Mahesh was found dead at his residence in Versova. As per the reports, a bottle of alcohol was found near his dead body. The police also found two lunch boxes outside his house, hinting that he hadn’t had food for at least two days. Some reports also suggest that he was trying to connect with his son Trishul, and had sent him many messages including the one in which he had begged him to come to see him before he dies.