Fashion designer Masaba Gupta once wanted to be an actor and step into Bollywood like her mother Neena Gupta. However, she couldn’t meet the kind of beauty standards set by the industry for its female actors. In Cosmopolitan magazine’s ‘self-issue’ series, Masaba talked about body acceptance and how Bollywood treats those who are not beautiful as per its set standards. She said it took her time to deal with body-shaming because she was not like a regular Indian girl while growing up. Masaba said that she had a big body and different hair that was a result of his father’s (Vivian Richards) genes. And it took her years to love the body that looked like a ‘man’s body’ to the rest of the world. Also Read - Neena Gupta on Why She Considers Herself 'Little' Successful: I am Not Amitabh Bachchan

The popular designer who runs one of the most loved and famous Indian fashion empires in her name revealed that when Bollywood rejected her, she decided to not look at it as a failure. Masaba said she felt better when she built her own successful fashion label but prior to that, she never thought of taking revenge wanting to show all what she was capable of doing. Instead, she talked to herself and made herself realise that she will do something else and flourish in some other profession. Also Read - Shopping Made Easy Ladies! Masaba Gupta Launches Clothes With Detachable Bags

Masaba explained, “I just don’t pay any heed! All of us have our own defence mechanisms, and mine is to not mull over things that are not important. So even at that time, I just moved on, and was like, ‘It’s okay, I’ll pursue something else.’ Although I only made my peace with it after I became a successful as a fashion designer. But I hadn’t decided to get into another career to prove a point, like ‘Oh I’m going to show these people.'” Also Read - Neena Gupta Reveals Masaba Gupta And Madhu Mantena's Divorce Was Very Shocking For Her

The designer went on to talk about how acceptance is more important than courage. Masaba said that ‘courage’ is overrated and one should focus on accepting what life has thrown at you rather than showing some kind of artificial courage to fight it back. “Accepting yourself can take years, even decades! And no matter how many conversations we have about inclusivity and body positivity, I know for a fact that even in Bollywood, top roles are still reserved for only some and not the others,” she said.

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