Aaliya Siddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s estranged wife, has now alleged that the actor had extramarital affairs and she knew about it for a long time. In his latest interaction with Spotboye, Aaliya accused Nawaz of misbehaving with her in their 10 years of marriage. She said she used to hear about his affairs all the time and even left him once in the past with their newborn baby. Aaliya added that Nawaz never cared for his kids and when she moved out to live separately, he didn’t come to see their newborn for eight long months.Also Read - Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Estranged Wife Aaliya Siddiqui Alleges Actor Insulted Her in Front of Manoj Bajpayee

Aaliya was quoted saying, “I kept hearing about his affairs, I used to leave the house and his female friends used to come in. I have tolerated him to the level which one can’t even think of. And those who are asking, why am I leaving him now, so let me tell them that I had left him before too. If I am leaving him when his career is at the peak and we have two kids together, one can understand how disturbed I would be to take such a drastic step.” Also Read - Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife Aaliya Siddiqui Claims They Have Been Staying Apart Since 4-5 Years, His Brother Spied on Her

Aaliya said she lived alone for a few months with their newborn baby who was just 6-months-old. She said she could never go back to live with her parents or sought any help from them because they were already upset with her due to the inter-faith marriage. Aaliya went on to say she moved back with Nawaz after some time thinking that things will be changed now that they have a baby to raise together. She alleged that nothing changed and Nawaz’s misbehaviour increased. “But nothing changed- in fact, his misbehaviour increased even more. There was no one to support me as when I got married to him, my parents broke all ties with me because of the inter-caste marriage. At that time, affording a house for 15 K per month was also a task for me but I chose to do that instead of staying with him.” Also Read - Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Estranged Wife Aaliya Siddiqui Joins Twitter, Says 'Learning to Speak For Myself'

She said she supported Nawaz when he was still struggling to make it big in the movies and they lived on her earnings in their initial days of marriage, however, the actor forgot everything when he became famous. Aaliya said she ran the house for two years when they got married and had even paid to the maulana (priest) during their nikaah. “I got him from Ekta Nagar to Four Bungalows and then stardom got into his head so much that he forgets all those days and started treating me like an insane,” she alleged.

Aaliya sent the divorce notice to Nawaz on May 14. A few days later, his lawyer spoke to Zee News and confirmed that she is seeking sole custody for their kids and also demanding maintenance. Aaliya also accused Nawaz’s brother Shamas Siddiqui of abusing her both mentally and physically. Nawaz has not spoken out on the matter yet.