Actor Neena Gupta had just shifted to her holiday house in Mukteshwar when we talked to her over a call. In between talking about the industry and figuring out the lifestyle amid lockdown, the veteran actor laughed and mentioned that she was trying her hands at baking banana bread for the first time. She mentioned that her sister who is an expert at baking was helping her make the bread in her small oven. Later, she also WhatsApp-ed the photo of the bread that came out looking absolutely delicious.Also Read - Neena Gupta Urges Fans to Forget Their Favourite Shampoo, Body Wash, Moisturiser; Says ‘Mere Waala Bhool Jaao’

In her interview with a publication earlier, Neena had defined herself as ‘little’ successful. When we asked what stopped her from acknowledging her success entirely and wholly, she said, “I am not Amitabh Bachchan.” She added that she has found popularity very recently despite working in the film industry for over 30 years. The actor also blamed the delay on the industry itself. Neena ji, as she is fondly called, said there are no roles written for women to make them relevant and alive in the eyes of the audience. “People noticed me after Badhaai Ho. I think right now, I am known as a good character actor. I have not got that kind of fame. There are very few roles for women. I can’t be the heroine. Men (of my age) can still do main-leads. Women can’t,” she said. Also Read - 'Women Don't Have Gas?' Neena Gupta Asks Why Women Are Expected to Be Perfect | WATCH

But after working for so many years and finally been able to have good roles in her name, does she feel content in life now? Neena said yes. The actor said that apart from work, she doesn’t feel the need to have a rush in life about anything else. “I am quite content in life otherwise. I thank God every day that he has given me so much. I definitely want to get good work. I am positive and satisfied,” she said. Also Read - Neena Gupta on Being Removed From Sooryavanshi: Rohit Shetty Never Came, Production Assistant Told me About Decision

As a woman who has seen so much in life, Neena asserted that having money in hand is the biggest backup for any woman. When asked what should be the plan B for a woman if everything else goes wrong in her life, she said, “Your plan B and your dependency should be on your money. The money will help you with any problem. Every woman should have her own money. That’s the plan B (for a woman) before anything else.”

But aren’t there days in her life when she wants to do away from all the mad-rush about career, sit back and relax? The veteran actor said she hasn’t been brought up that way. She said, “It depends on the way you have been brought up. I have always had ambitions. I never felt like getting married, settling at home and looking after kids and family. I always wanted to work and make something of myself. My parents always told me to be passionate.”

Note: The interview was taken in April and a part of the same is already published on the site.