Neha Dhupia Drops Picture of Breastfeeding Her Newborn - #FreedomToFeed Wherever And However a Mom Wants!

Neha Dhupia continues to make the right kind of noise by speaking about 'freedom to breastfeed' without being judged in public places. Here's her latest post with her newborn son.


Neha Dhupia's latest picture: Actor Neha Dhupia continues to do her bit to remove stigmas around breastfeeding after the birth of her second child. The actor dropped a picture of herself breastfeeding her son on Instagram and simply captioned the post with the hashtag #FreedomToFeed. Neha could be seen dressed in comfortable clothes breastfeeding her newborn.


The actor has been actively speaking about post-partum body issues and how people feel uncomfortable seeing a mother breastfeeding her child in public. Sharing her own incident in the past, she had once revealed how she had to take her child to the toilet to breastfeed on a plane since her co-passengers felt uncomfortable seeing her breastfeed in public.

The actor had even begun a campaign last year in which she had asked the moms to share their photos of breastfeeding their babies to start a conversation on social media. Neha, along with other celebrity moms, has been talking about normalising breastfeeding in public and removing the stigmas that force a woman to look for corners and crannies to breastfeed their child away from the eyes of random people judging her for performing her motherly duties.

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She even talked about sexualisation of breastfeeding. In a post shared earlier on Instagram, she wrote, "A mother has her choice of how and where she chooses to feed or breastfeed her child. However, time and time again we see people looking at breastfeeding mothers in a sexual manner. @freedomtofeed We work each day towards normalising the act of breastfeeding in our communities and are extremely sensitive towards new mothers and parents and as we think everyone should be. This insensitive comment is an example of why it makes it awkward for moms in our country. They must be called out. ... let's normalise breast feeding not sexualise it (sic)."


Way to go, Neha!

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Published Date:October 27, 2021 2:36 PM IST

Updated Date:October 27, 2021 2:36 PM IST