Neha Kakkar is the most followed Indian female celebrity on Instagram and her fan following is in millions. The singer is popular for entertaining millions by crooning to many Hindi and Punjabi songs in her husky voice. However, things were not always so easy and happy for Neha. Her brother and singer Tony Kakkar has made a series where he reveals the unknown facts about Neha and how life was when she was growing up. In chapter 2 of the series that he released on Neha’s birthday on June 6, he revealed that their parents first wanted to abort her because of the financial crisis they were struggling with. Also Read - Neha Kakkar Beats Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez And Ariana Grande to Become 2nd Most-Watched Female YouTube Star

Tony does a rap about their situation in the video and reveals that Neha learned singing while performing at the jagratas (religious musical gatherings) with her elder sister Sonu Kakkar and mother. He adds that it was Sonu who used to sing beautifully and was appreciated for vocal qualities and Neha learned her skills. Tony goes on to say that Neha was also loved as a child singer and slowly she became a rage who is now considered one of the most loved playback singers in the world. He says, “Halaat itne kharaab the, khaali khaali se haath the, Na zada pade likhe, bhole se maa baap the. Paise nahi hote the, raato mei wo rote the, Garbh tha giraana, par beete hafte 8 the, Garmi ka maheena, din tha 6 June ka, shaam dhal rahi thi janam hua junoon ka.” Watch the video here: Also Read - Neha Kakkar's Shocking Revelation About Music Industry: Not Paid For Singing Bollywood Songs

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Neha and her family are always vocal about the kind of struggle they had to go through in their initial years. Earlier, while posting the picture of her newly built mansion in Rishikesh, Neha had revealed that there was a time when the family of five used to live in one room that also included a makeshift kitchen and a public toilet outside. She said that it’s been a big journey from living in that one tiny room to being able to buy a sprawling mansion in the same city and she is thankful to her fans for that.