Representatives of various film divisions from around 20 countries including India, UK, and the US had a Zoom meeting on May 11 to discuss the set of SOPs that will come into practise once shootings resume. From India, the joint secretary and chairperson of CINTAA’s outreach committee, Amit Behl, participated in the conference. In his interaction with Mid-Day now, Behl revealed what all was discussed at the meeting and how eager the industries are to get back to work post-COVID-19 period. Also Read - Impact of COVID-19 on Fashion Industry: How Are Weavers And Tailors Surviving? Designer Duo Saaksha And Kinni Reveal All

The film industry is among the worst-hit sectors in the current times due to the growing spread of the coronavirus. The industry employs a large chunk of migrant workers and daily wage workers on the sets and in the various production processes. However, with the industry coming to a halt, these workers are facing a never-before-imagined turn out of the events. Also Read - Impact of COVID-19 on Bollywood: When Can Theatres re-open, How Big is Loss And is OTT a Permanent Solution? Experts Speak

To safeguard their interests and also to protect other people associated with the filmmaking business, the delegates at the conference worked on guidelines that will be enforced once the normalcy returns. Emphasising on why India has to team with other countries to bring a set structure in place for shooting, Behl said, “Big countries, like India, will have to adhere to the sops since we go abroad to shoot, and foreign productions come here. We have to get a global handshake before we start filming. If a second spike happens, we must be prepared. We want to resume filming, but not at the cost of lives.”

What is also being discussed is to have a set of rules and processes that need to be followed while filming intimacy scenes. Having virologists present on the sets and other guidelines as a common practice are also been worked upon. Behl added, “Guidelines pertaining to infection control (established by) governments and state municipal corporations (will be enforced).”

Along with CINTAA and other cinema bodies from across the world, the Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television And Radio Artistes has also teamed up to work on the SOPs.