Mumbai: Pankaj Tripathi maybe everyone’s favourite today but there was a time when he used to roam around all film offices in Mumbai for auditions and in the hope to get some work. In a recent interview, the actor talked about his struggling days and revealed how he used to travel in public transport.Also Read - Pankaj Tripathi Reveals His Daughter Is Part of BTS ARMY: 'She Wants To Meet K-Pop Singers'

Recalling those days, Pankaj Tripathi told ETimes that he would not even carry his water bottle and would not drink water outside, which used to make his body dehydrated. “I’d leave the house at 12 pm every day, take the bus to Andheri and make the rounds of all the film offices there, give them my pictures, and audition for whatever roles they were auditioning for. I used to go all day without water, because I wouldn’t drink water from outside and never carried a bottle with me; I used to be dehydrated by the time I reached home. Just this morning, I was telling my wife how I didn’t even know the basics of taking care of myself back then,” Pankaj Tripathi said. Also Read - Pankaj Tripathi Reveals Why He Is More Successful On OTT Than Big Screen | The Weekend Interview

Apart from this, Pankaj Tripathi was also asked if he has ever been replaced. To this, the actor said, “Oh, so many times.” Adding that it obviously hurts, Mirzapur actor said, “It is a part of the process. However, every project I have been replaced in, has eventually flopped; trust me, I didn’t jinx them (laughs). So, in hindsight, it was for the best! Jo nahi ho sake poorn kaam, unko karta hoon main pranaam (Wishes that remain unfulfilled are probably for the best).” Also Read - Mimi Film Review: Kriti Sanon-Pankaj Tripathi Starrer Will Leave You Teary-Eyed But With a Smile

On the work front, Pankaj Tripathi was last seen in Mimi along with Kriti Sanon.