Mumbai: Actor Randeep Hooda made his Hollywood debut with Chris Hemsworth starrer Extraction. However, he feels that Bollywood did not seem excited about it. Speaking to Pinkvilla about his colleagues’ reaction to the film, he said, “Well I’m quite used to it. It does happen time and again, well that’s okay. Maybe they didn’t like my acting, liked my action maybe, that’s why they didn’t speak up.”Also Read - Netflix Sees 3.6 Million Service Cancellations In US In Q1

Upon the release of Extraction, Bollywood stars often take to social media to congratulate them, share teasers and trailers. But when Randeep Hooda’s Hollywood film released, he noticed that nothing much happened for him or for the film. He shared, “But yeah there is a lot of hoopla that happens you know amongst people within the industry which did not happen for this. But, hey maybe as I said before maybe you didn’t like my acting.” Also Read - Akshay Kumar Speaks on North Vs South Debate, Cites British Colonial Era: 'We Are All One Industry'

As Extraction completes one year, he shared a video compilation featuring some behind-the-scenes moments from the film. He wrote, “You rescue people?’, ‘Yeah, sometimes….Sometimes I do other things.’ 1YearOfExtraction. To all the lovely cast and crew, Happy One Year to us! #Extraction.” Also Read - Alia Bhatt is Nervous as She Begins Shoot of First Hollywood Project: ‘Feels Like Newcomer’

In Extraction, Randeep played the role of Saju Rav, a Former Special Forces Major. It was produced by the Russo Brothers of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame fame. The film was released on Netflix and many parts of the film were shot in India. It also became the most-watched original film in Netflix’s history. The sequel of Extraction is in development. It was helmed by Sam Hargrave and features Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Golshifteh Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi, and David Harbour in important roles.