Feminism, women empowerment and gender equality mean different to all because everyone has their own life experiences. Likewise, the understanding of #MeToo movement was different for different people, when it hit the nation. For actress Rani Mukerji though, the idea of this term is strikingly distinct from what majority of women think all over the world. Rani spoke her mind on our country embracing the movement at a recently held interview. However, what she said received instant criticism on social media. Joining her there were Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Tabu, Alia Bhatt, and Taapsee Pannu, who were also left with their jaw dropped listening to Rani. Also Read - Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli Send Special Gifts to Paparazzi Requesting Them to Not Click Their Daughter

Rani said that women need to change and they should become more powerful. She said women should learn to raise “their sons right” and “if they don’t want it to happen, it won’t happen”. Rani said, “I think as a woman, you have to be that powerful within yourself, you have to believe that you’re so powerful that if you ever come into a situation like that, you have the courage to say ‘back off’. Everything relates to what you want out of your life. If ever they (women) find themselves in a situation like that, they should make sure that the man suffers right there and then. You have to have the courage to be able to protect yourself”. Also Read - Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Request Paparazzi to Not Click Photographs of Their Newborn Daughter

Rani Mukerji (Photo Courtesy: Video Screenshot)

Rani Mukerji (Photo Courtesy: Video Screenshot)

The other actresses who were trying to understand Rani’s point of view started disagreeing with her statement. Deepika said that even though she agrees women should train themselves with martial arts and should work on learning techniques to protect themselves, every woman doesn’t have that luxury. She said, “Everyone is not constructed with that sort of DNA unfortunately. There are women who feel cornered.” Also Read - Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma's Picture Appears in Newspaper Piece About JeM Terrorists; Alleged Goof-up Goes Viral 

Rani interjected by saying “Those are the women we need to talk to and tell them to change”. To which, Anushka replied, “But, then again, it’s like we’re talking about what women need to change rather than the other way round”.

Now, while the dissent was seen in the discussion itself, people on social media are not particularly happy with Rani’s statement. Check out these tweets:


What Rani said is not offensive but how she completely ignored the need for men to change, is a problem here. Your thoughts?