Actor Swara Bhaker‘s web-series Rasbhari that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video has been deemed sexually explicit and uncultured by a section of the society. Lyricist and the Censor Board chief Prasoon Joshi also slammed the show with reference to a particular scene in a tweet made on Friday. While Swara replied to the tweet and mentioned how he must have misunderstood the scene altogether, the social media trolling against her never stopped. Now, the creator-producer of the show – Tanveer Bookwala spoke out. In their latest interview with Mid-Day, he said that the motive behind trolling the show is to single out Swara and attack her for being a strong voice on social media.Also Read - Swara Bhasker: Let's Acknowledge Karan Johar Could've Deleted Nepotism Part From Koffee With Karan But he Didn't

Bookwala said that an intelligent man like Joshi should have understood what the very scene he objected to actually wanted to show. He mentioned that the scene was the reflection of the patriarchal world and how a dance by a kid becomes an object of sexuality by some. He was quoted saying, “Prasoon Joshi is an intelligent man. I am shocked that he is seeing the scene (in such a light). Don’t all Indian parents ask their kids to showcase their dance and singing skills when guests are at home? Only a sick mind can think of anything sexual in it. I would want to ask him what was so sexual in the scene.” Also Read - Swara Bhasker Responds to Prasoon Joshi's Tweet Criticising Her Amazon Web-Show Rasbhari

Bookwala added that the people criticising the content of the show have totally missed the point it wants to make. He said that Rasbhari comments on the hypocrisy of our culture where a woman is not given equal rights and penalised for not leading her life the way others want her to. “The idea behind the series was to show the hypocrisy of our culture and the problems women face. It is about giving respect and dignity to women. They are seeing the series in a different light, entirely opposite of what was intended,” he explained. Also Read - Prasoon Joshi Slams Swara Bhasker's Adult Comedy Rasbhari, Says 'Spare Children in Desperate Need for Entertainment'

The producer also said that by trolling the show, people want to show Swara in a bad light. He said that they chose the actor because they found her perfect for the role but people are ‘vilifying a person’ now. “Trolls are making sure that our IMDb ratings drop. This reeks of a game plan to attack the actor and the show,” he said.

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