After a few media reports suggested that Zaira Wasim decided to leave the film industry because of being forced by the Islamist radicals, actor Raveena Tandon retracted her tweet that she made to slam her decision. She took to Twitter recently and revealed that she has deleted her earlier post in which she called out Zaira for her revelatory statement. Raveena tweeted a news report claiming that the Dangal-star’s decision of quitting movies was made under pressure. She shared the tweet and mentioned that she now feels ‘sad for the girl’ if the news is true. Also Read - KGF 2 Star Yash To Dub His Own Hindi Lines, Actor Brushing Up His Skills

Raveena’s tweet read, “If this is true and the reason for her to quit,if she was or is under pressure, then I do feel sad for the girl.Was she forced into writing the long statement by radicals out of fear?She was a role model to so many youngsters with dreams and inspirations that they could achieve.” (sic) Also Read - Will KGF 2 Starring Yash, Sanjay Dutt Will Break Prabhas Starrer Baahubali's Record At Box Office?

The actor then made another tweet wishing Zaira best for the future. She also said that she regrets being too quick in judging the 18-year-old for her five-page long statement the other day. Raveena wrote, “I wish her luck and strengthAfter seeing this,I now regret my first immediate tweet after reading her statement.Maybe she was forced to write what was unacceptable to people like me who love films,cinema,the industry, that I was born into.Deleting the tweet that now sounds harsh.” (sic)

Earlier, Raveena had criticised Zaira by saying that she has behaved regressive in her approach to life and she should have been more grateful to her career and the industry that has given her so much. The actor’s now-deleted tweet read, “Doesn’t matter if two film olds are ungrateful to the industry that have given them all. Just wish they’d exit gracefully and keep their regressive views to themselves.”(sic)

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Zaira’s announcement of stepping out of the industry has left the social media divided. While some think that she should not be judged for her life choice, some feel that she should not let her ‘faith’ come in between her work.