Film producer and actor Nikhil Dwivedi made a startling tweet in September when actor Rhea Chakraborty was questioned and arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the drugs case related to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. Dwivedi said that he would work with Rhea when ‘all this is over’. He received wide criticism for showing support for someone who was accused of abetting a person’s suicide. Now, two months after making that statement, Dwivedi talked about the context behind that tweet and how it stood for something he truly believes in. Also Read - Drug Nexus Case: Rhea Chakraborty’s Brother Showik Chakraborty Seeks Bail Again

The popular producer said that he wanted to highlight the unjustified mindset of people who pronounce someone guilty even before the courts can take their decision. He said that Rhea’s vilification as accused was not right and he just made that tweet as a mark of protest against that. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Sisters Issue Rejoinder To Rhea Chakraborty, Says 'FIR To Wreak Vengeance'

Dwivedi talked to Hindustan Times and said, “I said that actually as a form of protest. I truly believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. The guilt of any crime can only be proved by institutions that have been formed by the Constitution – law enforcement agencies and really speaking, the court of law. You and I cannot decide anybody’s criminality. It is wrong. I saw judgments being pronounced on her.” Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: Rhea Chakraborty's Lawyer Releases Statement Ahead of Bombay HC Hearing on Petition

Dwivedi added that he saw people objecting to Rhea giving interviews to the media which is not right either because that’s the job of the journalists. He said that the media has even let Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim give an interview then objecting to Rhea’s conversation with the media seemed stupid. “I have a problem with not following the system and not respecting it. Of course, you can find flaws in it. But having said that, this is not the solution. You need to find judicial reforms, you and I cannot start pronouncing judgments. For me, it was a mark of protest and not an attempt to make some fancy statement,” he said.

Dwivedi concluded by saying that currently, as Rhea has not been pronounced guilty by the courts, he has offered to work with her but if tomorrow she is found guilty, he will not like to extend the same support. “For all I know, tomorrow, the court may pronounce Rhea guilty. Then, I would not like to work with her. But until such time, I think what we are doing to any individual is wrong,” he said.

In his tweet made on September 8, Dwivedi had written, “#Rhea I didn’t kno u. I dn’t kno wht kind of person u r. May b u r as bad as u r being made out to b. May b u r not. Wht I do kno is tht how its all played out for u is unfair, unlawful &not how civilised countries behave. Whn all ths is over we wud like to work wth u @Tweet2Rhea” (sic)

Meanwhile, there’s no development in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. All the three federal probing agencies – the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) – haven’t been able to find anything concrete proving abetment to suicide.